Monday, March 18, 2013


Within the bucky lab we are always searching for the best partners available for our tools. We dont have the money to buy cheap - especially good tools will make your work easier and safer. A good set of tools will last nearly forever and you will sherish every moment with it.

Today we had a meeting with Wiha the german innovator in handtools, they are very well known for their screwdrivers, bits, pliers and everything you should have in your toolbox. Our Dr. Bucky Lab - toolhead at its most - was impressed about the many innovative tools Ronal Veldermann from Wiha NL placed on the table. Hey have you ever thought about bending the tip of a plier to get a more ergonomic grip that does not fatigue your wrist while working for hours with it ? They did it and we have to mention it felt great.

We are discussing a potential partnership with Wiha, you know there is always a spot available on our boxes to speak out loud who is the best in the business...if that works we have to deal with less problems of broken bits and bent tips of screwdrivers...cross fingers.

If you like to have a look click here to get the info directly from Wiha.