Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Today we started this semesters building weeks, and we have to say the weather was not really our friend today ...

The tent arrived early in the morning and the guys setting it up had to work in the rain...not very pleasing at all, but around 9.30 it was ready and sweeped dry to move the tools in. Its always fun to see the boxes standing in a row in the basement to be send above with the lift ...

The first students already grabbed some plywood plates and within a short time the first frames already took shape. Kees is also with us and spread his enthusiasm and helped where he could to speed things up.

We also placed the first new stickers of our new partners on the boxes and we have to admit : It looks good to have Heco and Wiha also on our boxes.

Our hero Coen arrived at lunch time and brought the most important tool : The Coffe machine, so no excuses, grap a warm jacket and start making !