Friday, June 28, 2013


Today we set up the exhibition for this semester, its such a wonderful moment when you see all the prototypes next to each other shiny and sparkling ...

The expo will stay just for one week in the Oostserre, dont miss it!

Wanna know more about the projects, join the final presentation next monday starting at 14.00 in front of the prototypes.



Thursday, June 27, 2013


you got a package always a nice calling. In this case we were even more excited because we got our customized fabric from Swela who set up their loom to produce a special pattern Lotte and Leonard developed.

Its amazing how precise the fabric is woven, we are very curious how it will look on the mock up.




Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Today Coen and Marcel took the time to complete the final piece on festools toolhouse, finally as we can say...The handrail of the raised floor within the toolshouse was already made during the building days, but as things goes in life ...never put onto the structure ...

But this last piece is now also finished, or lets say for our part at least due to the fact that the toolshouse is a running project that will be updated time by time from the trainers itself to meet their demands and requirements in a growing range of tools and accesssories.

At the end the brave guys from the bucky lab also build a small sample to illustrate how the construction is made and to allow a view into the construction, which is assembled with festools invisible domino tenons.

We are happy that the toolshouse is already in use and up to now its seems to fulfil its functionality very well.





Monday, June 24, 2013


Our colleague Maarten Meijs invented a smooth running air dampened roof hatch to access his new room, that he build on top of his house. It took him a while to figure out how to solve it, but the video shows the fine working mechanism, that is balanced with a counterweight and will be slowed down by an air sealed damper.
Thats truely the spirit of our bucky lab, whatever you can imagine you can also build !

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Every now and then we have a company willing to support our bucky lab, but this time we have a worlds first ...Swela the german textile company also partner within the Romazo network in the Netherlands was willing to weave a special sunshading fabric that merges from very open to very dense on their industrial jacquart loom.

Before we will get the fabric Klaas-Jan Postma the dutch sales manager for technical textiles already send some pictures of the production of the fabric.

Have a look at these huge machine, later we will also place a video from this machine in action.
Thanks a lot to Swela and their motto suits in this case at its best ...Swela, we weave the future !



Monday, June 17, 2013


Our Students are busy to finish their projects, reports, poster and everything that has to be done till the end of the semster...all the best and dont get rid of your good spirit !


another short film from Hanifes and Tyrzas Project, more to come soon....



Friday, June 14, 2013


On July the 1st we will have our final presentations for this semesters Romazo Sunshade / Textiles Projects.
We will start at 14.00 and will have a borrel at around 17.00.

Program of the day:

14.00               Welcome from Dr. Marcel Bilow, head of Bucky Lab
14.10               Introduction of Romazo, Martin Straver, Romazo
14.20               Resuming words from Peter Winters /
                        head of ES-SO the european solar shading association

14.40               Final presentations of the Sunshade student projects – 8 - 10 min each group

15.20               break

15.40               Final presentations of the Sunshade student projects – 8 - 10 min each group                
16.20               Opening of the exhibition final words from Martin Straver, Marcel Bilow
16.30               Borrel in the Exhibition


Our friends from Urban Think Tank and the ETH Zurich are organizing a thrilling workshop in Switzerland.
The goal of the workshop is to develop and build a small shack for the Cape Town Settlement in South Afrika.

There are still a few places left for this one week workshop in September, the costs are only about 200 € for the whole time, maybe that is something for you if the agenda on the starting semster is not too tight !

Have a look here

Dr. Bucky Lab will be also there as a critic and will give the team a boost.


a little bit jealous that this is not a bucky lab project, but Dr. Bucky Lab was at least involved as second mentor ...Casper congrats for your great work !
Every now and then we are supporting also projects within the faculty of Industrial design of the TU Delft. In this case it was hard to refuse when Casper van der Meer asked for support for his project he did in cooperation with fiction factory a design based workshop in Amsterdam, who got the possibility to further develop an mould that is able to produce a house wrapped out of corrugated cardboard. They called it the Wikkelhuis or Wrapped House and nowadays the W-House.
The design was already given via the rotating mould, that is set on a truck trailer which was developed from Rene Snel already years ago. Fiction Factory took over the machine and had already a first contract for a house in Schiphol. When Casper joined the team it was set up to develop this process towards a manageable product, that would serve for different purposes.
It was quite a task for him working in the project team which was run also by the head of Fiction Factory Oep Schilling and for the faculty to fullfill his demands according to the requirements of the TU as a graduate project.
At the end we have to say, he has passed all of our different goals and requirements. And it was no problem also to have his defense of the graduation project, the very first time in the history of Industrial Design off the campus. Of course which place would suit more to show his accomplishments within the team and his work for his graduation work other than mext to the impressive machine and the first elements that were produced with his details.
Dr. Elvin Karana from Industrial Design and Dr. Marcel Bilow from the faculty of architecture were pleased with his results, which ended in a very good grade and a perfect start of the sunny weekend.
Here some pictures of the presentation, which were held directly next to the machine in the workshop. We will write about the project later, which is a fantastic project and also a very good product…

Thursday, June 13, 2013


As a big fan of Chris Marquards podcast about everything photography we would like to congratulate Chris for his 600th episode of Tips from the Top Floor or in short TFTTF ! That makes him with no doubt the longest running podcast about photography on the planet !

Its always interesting and the way he describes helps a lot to improve our skills to take better pictures !
So if you like to listen an inspiring international show about photography thats the spot !


When Batman meets Superman in comic genre is it called a crossover, we did a crossover with Winy Maas chair in the faculty the Why Factory in short "W?F" and the chair of Ulrich Knaack design of construction which is also running the Facade Research Group.

A semester before the team of the Why Factory under guidance of Ulf Hackauf developed the idea of a transforming city and within this research field, they imagined a material that is adaptive to all of your needs and will respond according to your demands in small, but also big scale.

They developed an inspiring video that showed the performance and possibilities what this material could or should be able to do. It directly reminds the team to the comics of Barbabapa in which a whole family of coloured blob shaped figures is contantly shaping its form to serve each others demand. So the name sticked to the project. Barbapapa material.

Beeing able to create everything on the screen leeds directly to the question, how to realize such a material for real. Known for our expertise to materialize ideas we were asked to join for a workshop with the Why Factory and Prof. Knaack from the chair design of construction.

The task for the Why Factory students was to pick a scene or feature of the initial video and try to materialize this with any material or technology that is currently available and shoot a video similar to the original render version. Its a touch call, but ant the end the students went very innovative and did a lot of experiments and material test to mimicry the different scenes. They also had to grab deeply into the "special effects" toolbox, but see yourself how cool the result is.

We will also report about the making of later, but first enjoy the two clips. First the original, second the one from the workshop.







Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Today we had our Photoshooting, nearly all of the projects are ready and working, so here the first look, we will write about the projects in detail later after the finals.

We have to do a few more pictures out in the wild, and had some issues with our flashlight which seems to have difficulties with all the electronic signals in the air ...but up to now we are very happy about this semesters "harvest" ! 

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Every now and then our tools need a little love and our supporter Festool NL takes always care of them. This week we had an appointment to get a plug it cable installed to our Rotex sander, which came as a car version with a fixed cable, due to the fact that we have plug it connectors on every other machine we asked to get this "comfort" issue fixed and so they told us, come along, no problem, we can convert it. Also our Domino jointer needed a fine adjustment, so off we went for a little pit stop.

Beeing already welcomed by Koen on the parking lot, and taking care of our systainers, Frans directly took the opportunity that his service colleagues left the service desk and started to convert the Rotex by himself and I have to say, he had as much fun doing it as we had watching him. Danny came back and took take of the Domino and the we spent a liitle time in the showroom to see the finishing touches of the toolshouse, which will be painted in light grey to let more appear as a big systainer ...cant to wait to see it finished.

Its such a pleasure to see how passioned the members from festool takes care of the tools and the service is great. Thank you so much for your great support !

We also made a short video so here a few impressions :



Friday, June 7, 2013


Every year Stylos is searching for the docent of the year, if you think our Dr. Bucky Lab / Marcel Bilow should deserve this title, please vote for him and fill in this form.

Now its up to you to support the Bucky Lab !

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


A first test of the Polyshade made by Davoud and Koen. This concept is based on the polarisation effect.



Saturday, June 1, 2013


We found this very handy app, this seems to be an ideal tool for the various mechanical problems we are facing in the course, we have to ask for a set of IPads ...maybe thats something also to combine with the structural mechanics part of the course ...



We would not miss to show you the last pictures we have taken during the last 2 days, it was a very busy time and nearly all the projects are ready, or at least have reached a point where only fine tuning is needed, so nothing that cant be fixed the next weeks till the 1st of July for the Finals.

Its everytime amazing seeing the different parts come together and form a prototype, sometimes it was hard to get what it will be at the end, but now it becomes more and more visible. We are impressed by the progress of the projects and the variety of concepts and production technologies involved. Having this semesters topic focussed on textile sunshades under the guidance of Romazo it also opened a total new set of possibilities. We saw next to the more commom techniques like, cutting, milling, drilling and laser cutting  also sewing, weaving, net knotting and we also started with 3D printing, having a Printer available via the CAD course which arrived just in time ( ok 4 month too late ..) but at least so much in time, that some students were able to print their parts already on the new printer.

So here some last pictures from the last days. The weather was very supportive and when we packed the boxes the sun was smiling ....finally !