Saturday, June 1, 2013


We would not miss to show you the last pictures we have taken during the last 2 days, it was a very busy time and nearly all the projects are ready, or at least have reached a point where only fine tuning is needed, so nothing that cant be fixed the next weeks till the 1st of July for the Finals.

Its everytime amazing seeing the different parts come together and form a prototype, sometimes it was hard to get what it will be at the end, but now it becomes more and more visible. We are impressed by the progress of the projects and the variety of concepts and production technologies involved. Having this semesters topic focussed on textile sunshades under the guidance of Romazo it also opened a total new set of possibilities. We saw next to the more commom techniques like, cutting, milling, drilling and laser cutting  also sewing, weaving, net knotting and we also started with 3D printing, having a Printer available via the CAD course which arrived just in time ( ok 4 month too late ..) but at least so much in time, that some students were able to print their parts already on the new printer.

So here some last pictures from the last days. The weather was very supportive and when we packed the boxes the sun was smiling ....finally !