Tuesday, July 2, 2013


having the best supporters in the world...when you have to adjust powertools you need every now and then a hand tool to do the job, and we are always searching for the right one to to the job. Now our supporter Wiha was so gentle to send us a set of screwdrivers to put in each of our systainers to complete the box.
Now with one grip into our bucky lab flighcases taking a systainer you are all good to go, knowing that everything is in the box that you might need.
And for our convenience we got their ESD version, which is normally used for antistatic purposes in laboratories and clean rooms, but in our case the nice yellow handle will indicate directly that this tool belongs into a systainer ...so yellow in the box black in the drawer, due to the fact that we already have a complete set of Wihas soft finish screwdrivers.
Thanks to Wiha, for their support !