Wednesday, December 25, 2013


On the last day of our building weeks breur arrived with a nice truck including a loading flap, much more handy than the sprinter from the first day…and we were all surprised about the amount of stuff we had to carry. Beeing able to transport everything with 3 trips with a sprinter we needed to drive 2 times with this big truck to get the workshop and all of the prototypes back to the faculty.

surprised ? not really of course, Plywood International already delivered 40 sheets of plywood on the first day and within the last two weeks we transformed these nice and compact pile of wood into 30 prototypes which took a "little" bit more space to handle at the end…not to forget the waste we produced, thats something we have to solve for the future…

Also big thanks to Ramazan who was so kind and helped us with the last tour to get the last prototypes back home !

Here a last picture of the action, for now we wish all of you a merry christmas and a happy new year.

Monday, December 23, 2013


We have a group who has to sort ping pog balls ...this would be one option for your report...




Friday, December 20, 2013


Day 9 also the last building day, and what a day …sometimes it all happens in one day…while some finished their prototype already, Kees got a golden needle for being in the TU Delft for 40 years and Bas had a bad bike accident. We wish you all the best !

Next to the good and bad news we also had our traditional party to mark the end of the building weeks, with beer and soup. Martin Straver from Romazo had a peek sneak view of the concepts and was very impressed about their progress and ingenuity. He also brought a nice gift for the christmas holidays - a unique Romazo backpack. Frans van Dijk joined the party as also Prof. Mick Eekhout for a drink and an interesting discussion about the prototypes. Bart Groot the inventor of our Walko workbenches was impressed about the students skills, unfortunately the other sponsors and partners of the bucky lab had a busy time before the holidays and weren't able to join, but all send greetings and the best wishes for the holidays.

The best feedback from all the experts was the overwhelming notice of the bandwith of the concepts, and the skills the students learned in such a short time.

Tomorrow we will clean up the mess we made the last two weeks and try to get our tools in order and ship everything back to the faculty. You first have to make chaos to create something wonderful ….

Good night and see you tomorrow, was a great day, except the accident of course.

Goede Beterschap Bas !

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


While some finished their master degree in template making and router ballet - we call it the Dalli Dalli facade …other turned the storage room of our hall into a candy store…if you want to know how to make custom shaped balloons, these two became the master …and for the rest of the crazy 65 you can definately say that everyone is getting a grip on their project.

One is already finished, you may say its a tiny one, but this beauty took as much passion and even more precision then all the other projects ….of have you ever drilled 0.8mm holes into steel rods and slotted 60 wings with a slot to fit bimetal strips ….?

So a few pictures of some last steps of their assembling state and a bunch of happy faces ….

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


we took a few shots during the last day, turn on your speakers !




Writing day 7 in our agenda and a few projects are nearly finished …but the faster the projects are finished the faster also some flaws become visible ….
So we have to fix some smaller and also some bigger problems, but as we always said we are not NASA and failure is always an option, or lets say every problem is a challenge to figure out how to solve it and its within these problems where we are able to learn the most …Have a look what we have done today.

Monday, December 16, 2013





Today we started in a different set up, Marcel had to leave for a few hours and Kees and Coen took over. Its pretty amazing what the students already achieved within the last days, most of the prototypes look more and more elaborated and the students seems to bond together more and more within their groups. It would be not uncommon if friendships for the rest of the study will form in the workshop …

Nothing special next to the ordinary craziness, searching for special tools, and waiting for a machine…
we already have a lot in our boxes, but we need to ask for more and we also need more tables if we have to operate with more than 40 students in the future…

Disaster happened at 13.30: the coffee was gone and no spare … its a little bit unpredictable, using the machine for the 4th time we never know how much we need in advance, last time with a group of 60 we only used one bag of coffee, now we are already finished with the 3rd pack … a new one is already   on the heater to warm up …

So fresh coffee again tomorrow, you coffee slurping monsters …!

Sunday, December 15, 2013


While resting for the weekend, we would like to draw your attention to the VIDA, the Velux International Design Award, so think about it - your sunshade may be worth of beeing part of the competition.

The price money is in total 10.000 € and the deadline for registration is the end of this year.

Have a look on

for more informations, and of course this is open for all design students around the world. 

Here some impressions we got from Velux