Thursday, January 30, 2014


One of the projects of this semesters bucky lab course, not to forget also the winnner of the 3rd prize and special Romazo sunshade price during this years bold and beautiful award during the gevel 2014 in Rotterdam




unfortunately we have to report that the exhibition is already gone, we will place the poster of the projects very soon on the site.



Tuesday, January 28, 2014




We are proud and happy to announce this semesters new topic - Daylight

In cooperation of this years symposium Licht2014 / Light2014 organisation team NSVV and GCO we are able to contribute with a set of mock ups and prototypes for the event in the form of workshops held during the event. The symposium will take place in September in den Haag, so plenty of time to prepare our concepts.

Together with the leading experts of light we will develop new concepts featuring the topic of daylight.

For all new students, the assignment as also all the background info will be handed out on monday the 10th of February.

Next to the fact that the symposiums language is german, we will do it as usual in english ...

if you like to inform you a bit more about the event have a look here


Friday, January 24, 2014


With 65 students, 29 projects and 45 guest from Romazo this time we broke every record of the bucky lab final presentations. What a day …all the presentations of the students went so smooth that we were already ahead of time schedule after the first 5 presentations, till a fire alarm starts to ring …in this case the evacuation of the building brought us back to the schedule…quite convenient to be honest…

What amazed everyone was the huge variety of concept and the passion and love for the detail every student group put in their design.

The end of the day was celebrated with a traditional borrel with the mobile bar from the bouwpub. We all earned it so well…

This semester was truly a blast, the big group drove us crazy every now and then, but seeing all the wonderful models made us all aware that it was worth it !

We would like to thank Romazo for their great support within the last 3 semesters.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


So the last tasks are complete for our finals, we set up all the prototypes, swiped the floor and collected the presentations for the big event tomorrow. With more than 40 guests from our sponsor Romazo the dutch association for the sun shading industry we expect a huge crowd in the Why Factory.

So please feel invited for the finals tomorrow and see the results of a half years hard work.

The exhibition will stay for a week, so dont miss the opportunity to see all 29 mock ups in action.





Wednesday, January 22, 2014


We did it again ! After a half year of hard work we were able to win again 3 prizes during this years edition of the Bold and Beautiful student award during the facade trade fair gevel 2014 in Rotterdam.

Due to the fact that we won all first 3 prizes the last time that brought up some issues ... so we are very pleased and proud to announce that we were able to gain the 2nd, 3rd and also the special price for this years competition. The 2nd price went to the IOR Shading from Freek van Zeist, Remco Wiggers and Luuk Graamans, the 3rd prize was achieved by Wouter Vlietstra and Carlyn Simoen with their folding flowers.

The folding flowers also got the Romazo sponsored special prize that was handed over from Martin Straver the head of Romazo.

Best wishes also to Valerie from the university of Leuwen for the first prize with her greenhouse double facade.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Today we set up our 5 prototypes in Rotterdam for the Bold and Beautiful award. While all the companies still being busy to prepare their booths, we were able to sneak into the hall and set up or mock ups. Breur our new partner was so kind to help us getting their and Frank van Osterhout was so enthusiastic about our projects that he decided to drive the Sprinter by himself. Its so comfortable to have such a good partner and everything went smooth like a train.

On the fair the exhibition site was already set up and all of our models fit nicely on the podests. Even the power we asked for was already set up.  With the posters already printed from VNU the fair organisation it was easy to find the right spot.

This time we have two models filled with liquids and to ensure a save transport we had to fill them on the fair ground but that was also done in no time and after a short polish and cleaning job all the models looked nice and shiny …

Tomorrow at 12.00 the jury will interview our teams and all we have to do is cross fingers and pray …
We will report the results tomorrow

Here some impressions from today.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Beyond Borders, innovative, adaptive, smart and beautiful …thats what the facade competition asks for …to be honest all of the projects would fit …and all have the chance to win a price...

Also this time its a tough choice and we will never know if this was the right decision, but we had to made one …after long discussion with the whole team and some colleagues we made a decision, these 5 concepts will start the battle against the other contenders on the facade fair bevel 2014 in Rotterdam.

We decided to pick a broad variety, and being able to send in 2 more than promised we had also the opportunity to pick two from the last semester. Its more than unlikely that we are able to pull the head trick and get all 3 prices like last time …( some said this was politically incorrect …) but lets cross fingers that this was a good decision.

We would like to see you all in Rotterdam on the 22nd in AHOY for the final results, the jury will interview the groups from 12.00 on so make sure you have a seat in the first row and help cross fingers.
The results will be announced later that day.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Today we had our famous foto shooting, as usual for the end of the semester we unleash all the prototypes out of the basement and take some pictures of them …some is good, in this case it was more than 2000 … getting them in order is one thing, choosing which project will be contributing the competition of the facade fair gevel 2014 is a total different task …

To be honest we are totally blown away by the effort and passion the students put into this years Romazo sun shading semester, all of these are winners…

We have to decide tomorrow, but for now we would like to give you the opportunity to have a first look.