Tuesday, May 13, 2014


hey what a semester, this year we are working on projects about daylight in cooperation with NSVV and up to now the concepts looks really promising. While Dr. Bucky Lab was updated with a new titanium hip replacement with Kobald-chrome alloy and was undergone a rapid recovery program Casper van der Meer jumped in and helped to assist the students to develop their concepts.

We already got a set of new tools from NSVV and now we are also getting an even bigger set of new tools from the department for the growing numbers of students. So we are ready for some building action.

Next week monday we will start in the tent and get our fingers dirty, festool will also arrive on monday to give a proper intro and we cant wait to get our hands on the new tools.

Stay tuned, we will give the highlights every night as usual for the building weeks ...