Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Seadeed ideas

Within our recent course dealing with building on the coast, we have one group beeing influenced by Julia Lohmann, an artist who is into using seaweed in a way never seen before, but have a look by yourself:



Thursday, November 13, 2014


what a night, every year the TU Delft asked their students to vote for their best teachers. Today in a festive ceremony the 8 best teachers of each faculty were honoured as so the best students of each faculties.

Our Marcel Bilow received this honorous title which he has earned for his ambitious passion for his work in the bucky lab. Next to all the individual prices a major price for the best teacher of the whole TU Delft is also handed out, this price also includes a 5000€ budget for improvements of the education.

Marcel wasnt able to get the official jackpot, but what a wonderful surprise - later during the party Hans Wamelink, acting dean of the faculty of architecture was so generous to donate the same amount for the bucky lab, so actually the bucky lab will have a budget to spent for new tools.

Have a look, some pictures were taken during the event