Saturday, December 13, 2014

Building weeks Day 6

Last day of first building week...

Our Dr. Bucky Lab was hit by a massive strike of the common cold and had to stay at home.

Most of the cardboard structures are ready to be erected at the beginning of the next week. 

Then we also expect another truckload of cardboard.

The Lightvan expert finished his job. Car looks now glamorous.

Sometimes sewing might be a difficult job, especially when you try to fiddle the treat into the eye of the needle while everyone is trying to encourage you.

In one moment we thought that some monster visited us but that was just a suit to protect cutting the the old boats parts with a water cooled diamond cutter.

New shelfs are ready to be installed in the Lighvan, our student assistant Coen, made a great job mastering the new festool conturo. 

Cleaning the workshop went very smoothly, because everyone wanted to go back home to have a rest after long, busy but so exciting week.

See you all back on monday