Monday, January 19, 2015

Festool Pit Stop and Toolhouse

Having finished the building weeks and the students busy with finishing their reports its time to put some tlc to our tools. So having one router making some weird sounds from a ball bearing we took the tool to festool for a service. Quite nice if you are able to benefit from their all inclusive service which includes maintanance costs for the first 3 years after registrations of the tools online.

While the router was taking care of, we also took the opportunity to take some pictures of the tools house we made a few years ago. Many students from back then who builded the demonstration pavilion asked if the toolhouse is still there - and yes it is. Its used as planned and with every new tool in the product range the toolhouse changes a bit to show the solutions the tools are able to offer in a realistic environment within the panels of the structure.

So you are able to see some old window frames, some newer, a staircase, a kitchen and a door to show different tasks of their tools in action. We are very proud that the former design of the building is still up for its tasks and used as planned with a continuos update when necessary.

So have a look