Friday, February 6, 2015

Bucky Lab Finals - what a day

Our big day, after a long semester and a lot of work we finally had our finals. 3 different topics actually filled the whole day, starting with the cardboard shelter, followed by the 3TU lightvan project and closed by the session about our RWS coastal living project. After Lunch Anne Snijders the leader of the coastal living research project introduced the current design in which the bucky projects will be presented during the Oerol festival this summer.

What a show, if you haven't be there, we can truly say : You really missed one of the highlights of this semester. Due to the absence of a couple of students, to to the fact that we had to do this in the holiday period, we actually got some videos, which made a nice contrast to the other presentations. ( We will place them on the blog later ).

The students put a great show together, and everyone was surprised seeing the projects of their mates in full glory …Mick Eekhout put the students to the test asking serious questions, our guests from RWS were inspired and interested in details how to continue and Truus Hoordijk was overwhelmed about the wonderful movie about the lightvan.

Our Dr. Bucky Lab summed up the day with some remarkable moments to mention and rolled the beer car on stage to give a perfect end of the semester with a well earned party.
Thank you all for your passion and contribution to a great show ! Tonight we will fall asleep with a smile on our face …