Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Elevator pitch - sunshades

and here the sunshade concepts from today:

Elevator pitch - cardboard concepts

here the cardboard pitches of today

Bucky Lab - Elevator Pitch

After just 2 and a half weeks of intensive brain work we had our elevator pitch today. And we were all impressed by the quality of the pitches and concepts we have seen. Its quite a happening seeing 34 different concepts for smart and clever sunshades and cardboard shelters presented in one slide and one minute. After a set of 3 we discussed the concepts and were able to get a first feeling about the concepts.

A the end of the session we asked the students to decide by themself which projects should be further developed within the semester and nor Dr. Bucky Lab or Jerzy Latka our Cardboard expert had to use their veto card ( rarely used when the students rely on gold plated, diamond studded concepts that will blow the semesters budget …).

A nice set of projects were chosen and we are about to see how snowflake shades, growing hairs or the use of dental care products may change the way we are able to shade the facades of tomorrow. For the cardboard group we already noticed a passion for detail and we are looking into a customisable, easy to transport, lightweight solution which may be a hybrid construction in combination with a little bit of wood or something else to increase stiffness.

We will also place the elevator pitches in a row, so stay tuned !

Bucky Lab Campfire ….

Ah…hmm…sorry, a bit too late but to have everything in the right order ….

two weeks ago we started our new semester and after the intro on monday, we gathered together to get in touch with the students. Thats what we called our campfire and using the crows nest on top of our faculty building we had a nice chat. While a real fire would be really necessary … its cold up there we learned that we have already highly experienced students in this semester. The skills vary from home builders, japanese sword fighters and obstacle runners …so whatever we are facing this semester we are up to all the challenges …

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Making a desk partition panel using a 3D printer

Dr. Bucky Lab shows how to use a variety of tools to build some holder to create a desk partition panel for the office.



Monday, March 16, 2015


Today we started the new semester, with 32 students this is a rather small course, so we are able to put our attention even to the smallest details ...lets have fun



Friday, March 13, 2015

Semester start

Next monday a new group of students will start with the summer edition of our course. This semester we will test our lightvan an develop innovative sunshades. Next to that our polish phd student Jerzy Latka the master of cardboard will challange a small group of students to develop a cardboard shelter, that actually has to survive outside, so we can say: testing is over, now for real !

Have a nice weekend
For the students already following our blog, we will meet in lecture room U on monday around 10.00

Thursday, March 5, 2015

3D Printer that fits in a locker

Daniel Aaron Bislip a second semester bacherlor student is using his 3d printer intensively for the study and while the machine operating kept him at home he decided to make one that fits in his locker at the faculty of Architecture in Delft.

His goals were simple, small as possible, cheap and robust to be carried around. Based on a RepRap printer he decided to go with a canteliver arm, using only one stepper motor, he used a power scource small enough to fit in the case, decided to go without a heated bed, using PLA mostly a good way to go.

The print quality of his machine is quite good and does everything he asks for. While his prototype ( shown ) is already redesigned and replaced by a second one that is even more accurate and better engineered, Daniel is now busy making a kit that can be purchased to start your own 3D printer project that fits in a locker.

We will report when his website is running and the kit available, up to now we can only give him a thumbs up, great idea. This is the spirit that keeps the next generation running.



Monday, March 2, 2015

3TU Lightvan

We received some issues with music copyright from our international followers, so by this a new version of the Lightvan movie hopefully visible for all viewers across borders…