Monday, December 7, 2015

Building week Day 1

Today we started our building weeks, and as usual we introduce safety and a good overview of our mobile workshop. Frans and Titus from festool took care of the cutting and milling station while Jaap from and Marcel our Dr. Buckylab took care of sanding and a general intro into the shop.

After we met Anja during the Opendaghout in Zutphen a couple of months ago, she got interested in our seminar and asked if she may join the intro. Thats possible of course, so she joined Jaap today and took already care of this and that.

After only 2 hours we had the shop running and our record of taking the coffee machine ready was reduced to 12 minutes !

Within the 4 stations everyone was able to get a first glimpse what is possible within our shop and due to the smile on their faces we assume everyone liked it.

Tomorrow we will get a truck load of wood and we will start to build our prototypes.
A special thank to Frans, Titus, Jaap en Anja and of course to our student assistants Aaron and Coen for a very good start of our building weeks.

Here a few first impressions. And you may already spot our team of the day ...