Friday, April 29, 2016

Lund University Day 5 - the end

We already write day 5 in our diary ...and while yesterday our students put a lot of efforts into their models the day started very slow today and we thought nothing will happen today...but then in different corners of the building finished prototypes appeared.

While we gathered the finished projects in the studio, a few were still busy in the workshop. And talking about the workshop we also have to mention Claes Dorthe the head of the workshop. He is an experienced woodworker and maker running also an own shop and sells lovely furnitures, but also leather bags and cases...he knows his stuff and it was a pleasure to get in contact with him during the busy week.

He is actually the copy of our Dr. Bucky Lab during the building weeks, except that Marcel is able to get a rest after a busy two weeks of mayhem in the shop, Claes have to face it every day, also dealing with students every now and then who did not have an idea how to put two pieces of wood together. So he is not only responsible for the students safety but also have to give them an insight in his set of skills.

Without a guy like him and his team of course a workshop like that would not be possible, we were very thankful being able to use the shop for an entire week, getting all the support wee needed.

We ended the day with a slice of pizza and an alcohol free beer ( some universities alcohol rules did not match with Dr. Bucky Labs motto: work hard, party harder ...) and the students shortly showed their prototypes.

Honestly we did not expected such a great result, being busy with an entire architectural design for a desert climate we thought the students would have difficulties to dive into a more product related assignment for just one week. But we were wrong and totally astonished by the students passion and willingness to learn something different and new. They all accepted the challenge and got their fingers dirty ! Learning by experimenting, testing by doing was something they had not done before in this way, but all of them had fun and enjoyed the time in the workshop.

Marcel will leave Sweden with some great memories and a couple of new friends. Thanks to Susanne and David for the great time and Lars-Henrik for having me !

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Lund Day 4 - almost finished

Everyone in the group is very busy and a few projects are nearly done. Its a pleasure to see the students steam bending wooden elements, point welding cookie cutters to shape clay figures, 3d printing gears and having fun in the workshop and studio while the music sets up the rhythm of the day.

While some optimized the gypsum casting process for a high output others discovered that casting bears a couple of problems, we hope to solve this tomorrow with a silicone casting.

Have a look what we have achieved today. Its a blast to work here and have such a motivated group of students.

Lund Spacial Experiments Day 3

Here we go, day 3 of our prototyping workshop. The first tiles were casted, some other clay projects took more and more shape and the workshop becomes more and more our home. 

Its amazing how fast our students learn and using the tools in their favour to achieve their goals. 

Our Dr. Bucky Lab used to learn how to use a lathe this spring from Hermann Klein (rip) and today he was able to pass this skills onto a student. Its so true, with every tool in your set of skills you find new opportunities to make something. 

While in need for a coffee we discovered the VR Lab and they even have a car in their ...

but enough for today, here some pictures. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

LTH - Day 2

Our students started highly motivated into the day, and very quickly we were able to see the models growing.  Most of the students had never build a working prototype before and you could read from their faces that they are enjoying to work in the workshop.

Honestly Marcel also enjoyed working in such an environment, where everything seems to invite you to test and try. Its one of these moments of magic where you talk to a student before lunch to make a cookie cutter out of strips of steel, if there is a point welder somewhere to find...and then after the lunch ( did we already mentioned that lunch is great in Lund ? We will for sure later ..) we saw some sparks coming out of a room, entered it and found a friendly girl tig welding steel sheets. Oh cool, ah hi, do you ah know if ahem ...have a point welder ? Yes of course, we have this big one here, but come around here we have a smaller one ...great, can I use it ? Of course, give me a sign if you need help a couple of minutes later our Dr. Bucky Lab was point welding some strips and lucky to tell his students the good news ...

Its so great when everything is available and easy to acces ...
Later that day Marcel also gave a lecture about the Bucky Lab and a couple of the projects made in Delft.

Here some impressions of the day: