Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Day 7 - peoples

today we keep the tools apart and took some pictures of our students ... a few were hiding or feeding the universities rhinos so our apologies for an incomplete set ....

Our Dr. Bucky Lab came with the new bucky bike ...his newest tool in the set ...we should build a box for it .... He already used it to get some spare blades from his home base quickly to get the shop running.

Next time we also have to capture Casper and Aaron, forget Marcel he is shy as bambi and hard to get on a picture ...

Monday, May 30, 2016

Day 6 - first day of the last week

After a relaxing weekend we are back in business and everyone was directly starting with their projects. Now after 6 days you already see a lot of parts being made and assembled.

Now with more and more smaller parts a couple of the students moved to the model hall to have a calm place to work on their prototypes. Amazing seeing all the elements come together.

Dick Vlasbom from Kiwi Electronics joined for a coffee and talked about the progress, he is our expert for everything electronic and additive manufacturing related. Have a look here to see what Dick has to offer in his shop.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Day 5 - crazy friday

we already write day 5 of our building weeks, and its crazy friday ...normally we hand over the camera and ask the students to take pictures by themselves. Did not work as expected ...usually the card is full till lunch ...but we got a few unusual pictures.

First of all we had to celebrate Aarons birthday and for that occasion he also made a lovely cake and muffins.

We got some guests from the University in Munster Germany to talk about our course, production technologies and tools in general.

We are all ready for a weekend and see each other next monday ...

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Day 4 - coffee cups

yes, there is coffee again ...our Dr. Bucky Lab took his bike late night yesterday to get a bag of desired brown powder, and to make things perfect also breur showed up and delivered a big box  of coffee...

As partner of the Bucky Lab breur not only supports us with a quick service and good prices, but also every now and then with some coffee cups ...today we got a small delivery...so if you like to enjoy a good cup of coffee, come along we have plenty ...at least the cups will last for quite a while ...

The weather was as good as we can wish for and everyone who has not to use the machines in the tent is working in the tent ...Marcel our Dr. Bucky Lab himself showed in perfection why you should always make a drawing or at least a good planning in advance...he build a toolholder for the belt sander, painted the parts green, without getting his hands dirty (proud)...to find out that he screwed up totally and the parts did not fit at all ....

Casper our expert from the Better Future Factory and guest docent in the Bucky Lab showed some tricks working with metal and our plastic recycling group made wonderful looking samples ...

What have we also learned ? The smaller the parts the bigger the machines !

Thanks for the fast help !