Monday, June 27, 2016

Bucky Lab Finals 2016 and opening Exhibition

Today we celebrated the Finals of this semesters projects. All students gathered and placed their prototype in our majestic orange hall.

Its the moment of the year where everything comes together. Did I missed something you may asked if you havent been there ? Yes you did !

We had a short lecture about the course of Eric Schrijver from the Haagse Hooge School who did a mini bucky lab course and two of his students presented their prototypes which are also exhibited for the next two weeks. After these our 13 groups presented their concept and gave an insight about their development of the last semester.

Its always a blast and within this semester the range was very broad and the solutions for sun shadings for schools as diverse as they can get. We have seen shades out of recycled plastic, shades
that twisted and tired around, shades that were inspired from nature like leafs or the gills of a shark.

We have seen shades that grow eatable herbs, yummy as they also served a snack in the break and shades that invites to play with...a function our youngest guests immediately put to the test.

At the end another culinary special was served in the form of chocolate shades ...that would be something all kids would love !

The drinks at the end where mixed with nice anecdodes about the ending semester, and it seems that everyone had a great time !

We would like to thank all of you for your great contribution and wish you a well deserved summer holiday !

Your Casper and Marcello

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

School of Shades - Photoshooting

We are short before the finish line and as usual we take some pictures of the prototypes. For all of us this is the moment when we are able to see all the models next to each other and in its full glory.

The students worked hard to get their prototypes ready for the big moment and we have to say it was all worth it.

Imagine we asked these 35 students to develop a sunshade that is suitable for a school with all its special requirements, quite amazing to see this very unique set of concepts, all total different and serving a special purpose.

While Marcel was busy with the mobile photo studio in our orange hall, Casper played the foto jockey and downloaded and served the thousands of pictures we have taken today and had to play a guest role, do you spot him ? Where is Casper ...?

But have a look, and see the prototypes for its first time !

Next Monday the 27th we will present these concepts in the orange hall starting at 14.00

Monday, June 20, 2016

Going backstage to prepare the future - Down the Rabbit Hole

In preperation for the next semesters project we have been able to visit the set up of "Down the Rabbit Hole". The festival that is organized by Mojo will welcome more than 20.000 visitors the next weekend and in order to be well prepared we met Eric van Eerdenburg to get a look behind the scenes.

Now a big crew works on the set up of the event that will contain 3 big tents and uncountable smaller structures to create an unforgettable experience for the 3 days lasting festival.

Have a look whats going on and if you are enrolled for the next semester pay attention when you are visiting the next festival - we will design innovative festival architecture next semester.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mini Bucky Lab @ Haagse Hooge School

While we are short before the finals in Delfts Beta factory another group is busy with their prototypes.

The Haagse Hooge School in Den Hague is already busy with a second edition of their bucky lab version, the students picked one of our elevator pitches and developed them further into a working prototype. Within their education they are into the materialisation of a concept and not into the design itself. For them under the guidance of Eric Schrijver its quite an experience to read the sometimes vague concepts and make something out of it.

Today our Dr. Bucky Lab made a visit and talked with the students, great ideas...

In the beta factory the fab lab of the school the students are busy to get their hands dirty. During our finals we will also show a couple of their concepts and place them in our exhibition.

Cant wait to see their results finished, but have a look by yourself

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Visiting Caterpillar

while our students from this semester are busy finishing their report and prototypes we went out with a few students from our intecture graduation studio to visit Caterpillar Belgium, here the famous company produces excavators and wheel loaders.

We had the unique opportunity to visit the entire process of making these giant yellow machines. Unfortunately we weren't able to take pictures but were able to see every step that it takes to make these machines out of giant sheets of steel. While Dominique was able to show us every corner of the facility our Dr. Bucky Lab was able to teach production technologies here and there, especially interesting were the different production technologies Caterpillar is using to make these machines.

We took the opportunity to take some pictures out on the yard where the finished machines were gathered to be shipped.

This was an impressive trip and for our head a long dream come true.

On the way back we also had the opportunity to stop at Zaha Hadids Porthouse in Antwerpen, a good closure for the trip and an impressive building. And what a surprise we also found a Caterpillar Excavator on the building site ...

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Day 9 - BL BBQ

Here we go, Day 9 and this is nearly the end ...but we will end with a highlight our Bucky Lab BBQ. After laying the hands on their prototypes we cleaned up and made space for the party. With fresh imported german Bratwurst we started the barbie and prepared a festive meal.

The BBQ is also the perfect moment to thank our partners and supporters but also to welcome guests. So Frans from festool , Peter from Raaco and Bart from Walko joined the club and Bas from Breur also came with a crate of beer. Thanks a lot ! 

We also welcomed a delegation from the University of Architecture in Lille France, we already met them before and gave a lecture in Lille. They were impressed about our faculty and the buckylab and it seems that their beer was a perfect combo with our german sausages. Lets see maybe we are able to cooperate in the future ? 

The day was perfect, even the dutch weather was ok - only a mild rain ...and due to handmade salads from our students our traditional BBQ was also a bit healthier...

Our famous filmmaker Hans was able to capture Dr. Bucky Labs trick to turn a whole row of sausages at ones and a couple of students already tested their bouncy net sunshade, the worlds first football proof sunshade! Have a look and see what you have missed.  
Did you know that you can also get a Grill like Marcel, have a look here its worth its money. His best friend made these ...
Thanks Joost to take the pictures ! 

one day we will get one with a Bucky Lab logo ...