Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Visiting Caterpillar

while our students from this semester are busy finishing their report and prototypes we went out with a few students from our intecture graduation studio to visit Caterpillar Belgium, here the famous company produces excavators and wheel loaders.

We had the unique opportunity to visit the entire process of making these giant yellow machines. Unfortunately we weren't able to take pictures but were able to see every step that it takes to make these machines out of giant sheets of steel. While Dominique was able to show us every corner of the facility our Dr. Bucky Lab was able to teach production technologies here and there, especially interesting were the different production technologies Caterpillar is using to make these machines.

We took the opportunity to take some pictures out on the yard where the finished machines were gathered to be shipped.

This was an impressive trip and for our head a long dream come true.

On the way back we also had the opportunity to stop at Zaha Hadids Porthouse in Antwerpen, a good closure for the trip and an impressive building. And what a surprise we also found a Caterpillar Excavator on the building site ...