Thursday, August 18, 2016

Summer School Wroclaw - Day12 - Orange

Second to last day - finishing mode   to describe it shortly. All of our living units are nearly done and you can see smiling students everywhere an Paulina welcomed us as a summer queen.

The house of cards team is still unstoppable and is placing protective layers on the honeycomb panels, impregnating cardboard profiles, cutting elements and still in a great mood, even when its clear right now that they will not be able to finish the entire pavilion till tomorrow.

The shear amount of different elements and steps that will shape this cardboard pavilion is just a bit too much, if the parts have been already be in the workshop on time it would have been done. Such a pity but the passion the entire group put into this project is amazing !

The staircase group put some paint on their structure, Jeroen is preparing for some bad weather and is the hero behind the sewing machine, Suzanne is starting a bag shop, Marcel showed how many tools you can use to build round window frames and our coffee corner is still the best place to talk tools, details and whats going on in the other groups...

And not to forget : We had another birthday kid : Xiangyu turned 25 and got a birthday cake and and was celebrated with a chorus of celebrative songs. Happy Birthday !