Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mojo Future Festivals Elevator Pitch

Time flies, a couple of weeks before we gathered around our imaginary campfire to get to know each other and today we already had our elevator pitch.

Its the moment when every student is able to present their concept within a one minute one slide presentation. The stories and pitches we have seen showed a huge variety of ideas and our guests from Mojo Erik and Niels had a good time listening to the pitches. They formed together with Casper and Marcel the critical judges providing feedback and questions to make the decisions for the students easier to find the best ideas.

After the entire group presented we went back to the studio and the students formed groups and picked the best concepts to be further developed. Niels and Erik from Mojo were able to send the different groups in the right directions and talked about their needs and requirements.

The group was enthusiastic about the concepts and made a good choice in picking potential concepts.
Bout our student association ended the day with a cold beer, a perfect moment to get in touch with the  newly formed team and the best way to end a great day.

Here some impressions and as usual we will also show the concepts later this week all in a row.