Monday, July 17, 2017

Day 5 - Wroclaw Summer School

Today we opened the workshop - so the building weeks started. After unpacking the tools and getting comfortable within the huge hall we set coffee and started our introduction. We tackled everything concerning safety and how to use the tools till lunch and joined a long table to enjoy our meal together.

While a few already started to get a better handling with the tools the rest waited for the first delivery of building material - which arrived half an hour later. A full truckload of cardboard honeycomb panels. And then everyone got in action and after a stunning 30 minutes more than 300 panels were unpacked and stored in our hall.

The next days these will be transformed into huge cardboard pavilion, a book-library-seating object and who knows what else ...first tests already went well and a few elements were already cut.

Have a look what happend today