Thursday, July 20, 2017

Day 7 - festool comes to the rescue

Day 7 - today the long awaited wood arrived and in a sudden everybody was busy and the smell of fresh cut wood mixed into the melange of cardboard ... No beam was too long that could have not been chopped into size and Weronika showed her teammates how to. Piotr was not stoppable to cut cardboard sheets which will transform into cosy seats for their project while Jozefina and Anka were carving to the bents of their freeform shaped projects. While our Honeycomb Cardboard Pavillion team had already done most of the cuts we still have a short on Jigsaws to get the job done in time and our girls already mentioned the quality difference between our festool machines and the other brands we used. In order to get a few machines we reached out to Frans from Festool Netherlands yesterday and he immediately got in contact with the colleagues of Festool in Poland and today a huge grey truck arrived. Out of it jumped a friendly man - "you need tools? we love to come to the rescue ! - So great,  Rafal one of the trainers of Festool Poland took the 2 hour trip to bring us a set of jigsaws and power drills to speed things up.

Its such a great experience wherever we work, knowing that festool is always there to back us up.
Thanks for the support ! We will give the tools back in good shape ! Till then we will use it to the max.

Here some pictures of the day and our Dr. Bucky Lab happy in front of a mobile candy store ....