Friday, July 14, 2017

Wroclaw Summerschool Day 1

ok for me its day 1 ...but lets introduce properly ...
We already had a Bucky Lab Summerschool last year and due to the great succes we do its also this year. The topic is work and chill and will be about objects that allow to relax and maybe also provide a more comfortable position to work. Next to 3 groups being busy with these project we are also building a house and a cardboard pavilion quite a lot honestly, but the students already started on monday in the library building of the Wroclaw university of Science and Technology and I joined a bit later my day one and their day 4 ...

This year also Jerzy was able to get a lot of sponsors to make this summer school possible, one is vectorworks and with an expert joining the design phase the work with these CAD program is very easy to learn.

For me personally its a pleasure to see some students again who already joined the last year, that gives me a bit of 'coming home feeling' - so stay in contact we will report on a daily base and share our progress. Monday we will open our mobile workshop and transform concepts into reality.

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