Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Day 11 - the last finishing touches

Today was the last full day in the workshop and the students put their hands on the last finishing touches of their projects. And while the paint and oil varnish had to dry the students worked on their presentations or put their hands on some real wood and made small souvenirs. No wonder working in a shop that screams out loud the love for wood and fine woodworking and beeing inspired just by wondering around and discovering the many lovely projects and wooden pieces in the entire shop.

Happy faces all over and even Mr. Miao is having fun, actually I am really inspired by him and hope to have the opportunity to join a project with him ...or at least I have to take a class building a rubber band rifle in his shop ...

Tomorrow we will end the building days and will present our urban furnitures in the Hutong we visited the first days. Here some impressions of the day: