Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Bucky Lab start

today we started the new Bucky Lab - this time for the very first time a dedicated vision for architects, its a free choice studio and doesn't contain the engineering courses we usually do for the BT students. The classic one will be given only in the winter period, and the new architects version in Summer.

We are looking forward to see what the students will imagine for our new topic: Shades 2 Lease.
Serdar already took over after lunch to start his CAD course, its a small group of 12 and we are looking forward to an intense summer.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Bucky Expo - CRH - TerraceShading 2.0

With a bit of a delay we finally started our exhibition in the orange hall today. With such a big group and also two different prototype scales it is the most dense exhibition we had so far ...

Looking from the distance it feels very full, but if you approach it you will find so may wonderful models and details, so don't miss the exhibition which will have to take away already next week Wednesday.

What did we do this semester ? Here is the text from the exhibition:

Bucky Lab – Terrace shading

This semester we teamed up with CRH one of the international leaders in building materials. Within their huge range of materials and products CRH also owns a couple of companies producing shadings in all kinds of variations. Sunstock to name just one helped us together with the Dutch group of CRH to define this semesters assignment – a solution for a typical Dutch row house terrace shading.

While the common solutions have problems in harsh wind conditions or limit the use while it rains we challenged the students to find alternative solutions for this special kind of clients – the common Dutch row house owner.

Being asked to think out of the box we can see a huge variety of concepts that address different problems, all suited to be placed in the garden of the house.

Due to the fact that we can’t build an entire full scale prototype of a terrace shading we decided to build the entire prototype in 1:10 scale and one 1:1 detail of the most difficult

Have a look, did you find a solution that may improve your home ?

The results are made during the last BT semester and not only the effort of 73 students who just started their study in the master but also our entire team of docents and teachers:

Casper van der Meer, Sedar Asut, Boris Bähre, Truus Hoordijk, Regina Bokel, Peter Eigenraam, Fred Veer, Hans Hoogenboom, Marcel Bilow 

here some impressions :