Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Bucky Lab - Trespa Elevator pitch

Week 5 and we have the elevator pitch. Thats the moment where the students present their best idea within one minute one slide presentation.

Due to the proper training a week ago from Nadia we have seen 42 crisp and clear presentations. Only 2 exceeded their time but only by a bit. The students were joined by 3 members from Trespa and our colleague Serdar Asut who will join the team later to teach Computational Design.

After a set of 4 presentations a short round of feedback and questions followed, all in all the critic was very positive and a good lead into the group forming process at the end of the day. It took not long for the students to form groups around the best concepts to be further developed.

We closed the day with our mobile bar from the bouwpub on behalf of BOUT our student association fore the Building Technology track.

I would like to thank the team of Trespa our colleagues, BOUT and especially our students for a great day.

Here are a couple of pictures from today

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Bucky Lab visits Trespa

as part of our cooperation this semester with Trespa we had the opportunity to visit the company and their production line in Weert close to the german border.

Due to the fact we ask our students to think about the future of the material and its application beyond its applications for the facades around the world. We may imagine different products, new applications but also think about the life after these highly durable facade cladding sheets are taking off the building.

In order to think out of the box we have to understand how its made and that's what we got to see during our trip to Weert. The team not only showed us their showroom and design center but also their entire production as also their R&D laboratory in which they constantly developing new formulas but also making sure that each of their products will perform in a way the customers are expecting. Giving a 10 years warranty on their surfaces speaks for itself.

Sounds a bit like a fanboy is talking, yes but we are also allowed to ask questions that put their team out of their comfort zone and we have to in order to think out of the box.

The welcoming nature of our partner was really incredible and the fact that we are not able to share everything we have seen here tells already which trust they put into our students.

In the Lab we also made custom testing panels - and we were even able to put a coin in one of the sheets - looks amazing.

At the very end while the students were closing the day with a last round of questions our Dr. Bucky Lab went to the workshop and helped cutting our freshly pressed panels into testing strips the students will have tested for their practical measuring methodology course.

Here some impressions of the day

Thanks for having us - it was a great day !

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Bucky Lab Campfire Week 1

To get top know each other we start with a little campfire in our faculties attic.
Quite amazing where our students come from and what drives them to study Building Technology in our faculty of Architecture in the build environment.

The rest of the day we already jumped into the topic and discussing first ideas how to contribute to our challenging taks working on Trespa.

Was also a pleasure to have Nadia Remmerswaal as a new docent in the course !

Monday, September 2, 2019

New Semester started

After a long and hot summer we are back in school.
Today we started with a group of 42 new BT students - we explained the topic and get them
comfortable within our studio space.

What are we going to do this semester ? We will work in cooperation with Trespa the market leader
for high pressure laminate sheets.

Together with our students we will try to find sustainable solutions for Trespa.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Final Video of our Wroclaw Summerschool 2019

So, this is definitely the last post ...

a quick summary of our time in Wroclaw

We wish you all a great summer - Dr. Bucky Lab out !

Bucky Lab robot at Wroclaw Summerschool 2019

Everyone seems to look at the automation process of building architecture now - so everyone is talking about robots - we think out of the box and made a more funny approach...

so have a look and lough out loud !

Thanks to all participants it was a pleasure !

Wroclaw Summerschool 2019 - the water house

Water and cardboard are not really friends, but with the right choice of materials and building techniques it will be possible to build houses out of cardboard - most important is to not soak the entire structure in a resin or other non separable treatment in order to garanty the recycling after its end of use.

The team has chosen a couple of different concepts in order to test these within one house. Most likely they picked dense cardboard products that last very long under water and used overlapping principles based on roof shingles.

We hope the fire brigade in Darmstadt will mimic a classic rain and will not blast away the house horizontally ...we are curious about the performance !