Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Ahrend Comfort Zone Bucky Lab groups

and here the groups - thanks for the wonderful projects and the fun we had today !

Ahrend comfort zone - details

here some details

Photoshooting Ahrend Comfort Zone - products

After a long day we are done with the photoshooting of this years semester assignment : the personal comfort zone in cooperation with Ahrend.

here a first glimpse of the products we made, the finals will be next monday starting 14.00

Friday, June 2, 2017

Building Weeks Day 8 - the end

while we are cleaning the tools, bringing the prototypes into save storage and getting the tent ready to be broken down here some of the last pictures before we have our photoshooting. Then the prototypes will be visible in its full glory ...but now a first peek and some pictures of the last finishing touches ...

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Bucky Lab BBQ

As usual on the second to last day of our building weeks we stop a bit earlier and set the BBQ on fire.
Marcel becomes head of Bratwurst and prepares the german culinary highlight. The BBQ is not only the moment to celebrate the achievements of the productive period of the Bucky Lab seminars but also the moment to meet friends, partners and supporters of the Bucky Lab.

For Frans from festool its always something special, he saw the students already during the first day while giving the introduction lessons, and is curious why the students actually build - he was amazed about the prototypes ! Jaap and Anja opted to join the BBQ and not for the intro as usual  - they are from Friesland and only allowed to leave once a month - I was told ....with perfect weather they also took their kids and showed them the faculty - maybe we will see these young talents later in our course ? By the way ...our Dr. Bucky Lab got a curry ketchup gun ! Thanks !

Peter from Raaco took the opportunity to have a look into the shop and Eric was curious about the assignment we worked on this semester. Our friend Dick brought the latest developments from the 3D printing world and our students were impressed about the parts he pulled out of the box.

So all in all a great final of our building weeks and an event to be remembered ...