Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Bucky Lab RDM Video

It happens that one of our students is a professional video maker and he was so kind to make a short movie about our building weeks in the RDM Campus in Rotterdam - Thanks to Jasper Sauer for this great look into our building weeks.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

AMC Bucky Lab - Finals

After a long and busy semester we had our Finals yesterday. 15 groups in a row presented their ideas in front of a big crowd including docents, friends and even Onno Valk from the AMC.

Within their presentations the students showed their ideas and concepts to innovate, renovate or improve the big hospital complex in Amsterdam, which is in its total the biggest building in the Netherlands.

We have seen a huge variety of concepts ranging from solar chimneys, alternative ideas for decentralised heating, solutions to gain more daylight, solutions to create a better healing environment and also an indoor solution to make the atrium more comfortable and visual appealing.

We will show the projects in more detail the next weeks, if you can't wait don't  miss our Exhibition in the orange hall starting from next week on.

Here some pictures of the day and the little borrel ( dutch for drinks ) after the event.
Honestly this was a great day and the results shown in the prototypes as also in the presentations were amazing - Thanks to all the students, this was a special semester !

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Photoshooting AMC Semester

Today we had our photo shooting, so here already a first glimpse of our prototypes and some happy faces... moire to come the next days but for todays pick out of 800 pictures these were the nicest group pictures ...

Don't miss the Finals next week monday in the orange hall in our faculty - start is 10.00

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Bucky Lab in the press

we found an article about our CRH Terrace shading projects in the April issue of 2018 in the German Glasswelt magazine ...a few months old but still worth sharing...

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Day 9 - Bucky Lab Borrel

Day 9 - after a busy day finishing the prototypes we closed the shop and had our Bucky Lab Borrel,
our little party to celebrate the end of the building weeks.

This time it was special we had a Pro beeing in charge of the catering - Sietze our guest docent is not only an industrial designer but also in the business of fine drinks and known to good food ...

so he used all of his contacts and passion to handpick the best hotdogs and bread from Jordis Bakery - the best bakery of Rotterdam if not even in the Netherlands...yummy !

A couple of our neighbours joined the party as also Frans from festool as also the RDM manager and PR experts ... all in all a very good evening ...leaving the Innovationdock late in the evening made us realise that this is really the last night in this special place in Rotterdam  Thanks to RenĂ© for having us ! - tomorrow we will clean up and conquer the logistics challenge and haul everything back to Delft ...

Therefore here a few more pictures, our photographer and Dr. Bucky Lab already mentioned he won't be able to take pictures tomorrow

We wish all a happy new year and a cheerful time

Danke Sietze !

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Day 8 - almost done

Day 8, the prototypes has grown and nearly everyone is standing next to their tables to put their hands on their projects.

Maarten build a little chair, the students a set of Jenga and the atmosphere in the shop turned into a very relaxed state in general.

Tomorrow we will stop a bit earlier to celebrate the building weeks and the students achievements.

By the way - the canteen upstairs will be closed on friday - be prepared !

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Day 7 at the RDM Campus - visitors

Day 7 - most of the projects are short before finished. We had a lot of visitors today. Frans from festool came along and fixed our table saw - 9 years of intense use and sometimes abuse from "hordes of students" paid its toll and the rip fence had a bit too much play - with a simple fix we are back in the game and the fence works like on day one again.

Prof. Thijs Asselbergs from the chair of Architectural Engineering, who is in the lead of the AMC project came along and was surprised about the ideas the students are building right now.

And last but not least also Sietze Kalkwijk our guest docent for the course not only delivered the ingredients for our borrel on Thursday but also showed a group of his students from the Eindhoven  Design Academy around.

So a busy day for all of us and honestly our photographer wasnt able to take many pictures ...but here a few

Thanks to all of them and Frans especially for quick fix !