Friday, July 19, 2019

Wroclaw Summerschool Day 7 - underneath the table

Puh ...we are writing day 7 and the pace is rising ...while the students gets more and more active I have to say the long days are getting me personally...When I wake up in the morning I feel 30 years older ...

Due to the hectic days I almost forgot to take pictures but here a fine selection of my newest project :
“waste underneath the workbench - a symphony in light browns”
Fine prints are available in limited numbers on personal request.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Wroclaw Summerschool Day 6 - We got Tubes

So, today we got the last missing pieces and everyone turned on their rabbit mode ...we had difficulties to stop the students for lunch.

We build a crazy sanding machine, cutted 1000 tubes in half and were very productive in general.

Today just a few words and pictures - we hired a BBQ boat - and I don’t wanna miss the boat ...

Good news also from the Solar Decathlon : TU Delfts MOR team got another 1st price ! Congratulations!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Wroclaw Summerschool Day 5 - the day we lost the precision

Day 5 - everyone is busy and the most of them also with building their projects.
You may have already noticed that we work with a mixture of tool brands - The Bucky Lab is equipped with festool while the polish Proto Lab works with Makita ... in general no problem if you don’t mix the guiding rails of the different track saws ...but since today every of our guiding rails is at least cut once with the Makita saws - so splinter free perfection and precision cuts are from the past and all cuts will be off by at least 3mm.

But no problem we have a lot of hammers and you know what they say: If you can’t fix it with a hammer - use a bigger hammer ...

At the end of the already long day we had a lecture - I hope nobody will report this violation to the human rights ...I hope all students survived - I was able to escape after the first 21 minutes and 4 slides....but maybe its just my polish ...

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Wroclaw Summerschool Day 4 - Dancing in the dark

There is always something Wroclaw went dark ... till 14.00 the entire area was off power - luckily Jerzy had a battery powered track saw and was able to get an aggregate within minutes the little power shortage did not stopped us that much.

Each group is working hard in their project and the group that works on an urban garden for the elderly already finished one bench element and a flower pod.

One group who is working on a cardboard house that will be fighting fire had a great idea to solve the problems of the open corners - thats an easy spot for the fire to attack - lets make round edges without  open edges at all today we started to test bend cardboard corners. Works well in general but takes quite a while to dry - so tomorrow we have to build more moulds to speed up the production.

The best time at the day ( at least for me ...) is lunch time, we have a great catering who seems to be run by an old grandma, cause it tastes like grandma had made it ... having put a long table in the front of the workshop allows us to enjoy lunch all together and with a group of 45 its quite a happening. Its also the only moment of the day its calm we also witnessed a dancing performance next to the usual discussions and chats.

Jerzy and myself danced also a bit ...

Monday, July 15, 2019

Wroclaw Summerschool Day 3

Today was the first day in the workshop. With a little delay we introduced the tools and quickly after all students helped to build our workshop tables.

Unfortunately only a few pictures today because I was talking almost the entire day ...but here a few impressions of the first day !

What a shame we didn’t took pictures of our students unloading the truck, this was done very efficiently in a gracious way ...

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Wroclaw Summerschool - Day 2

Its rainy but that couldn’t stop our students to go full power into their designs. Even on a Sunday everyone is having a good time and the pizza break around lunch was a well deserved treat...

...honestly I think I had the most difficult time ever today because I was asked to give a lunch lecture, so while the pizza arrived around 14.30 - I was starving ( I usually eat a 12.00...) and had to present in front of a pizza munching happy crowd - the one slice I was able to get before the lecture only made me more hungry - at the end I had the best pizza ever ....

All groups made a huge progress today and the plans and models looks already very promising.
Within the 6 projects we develop we have 3 houses we are building in cooperation with the TU Darmstadt who are running the biggest funded cardboard in architecture research project. Not only Jerzy is part of the huge team but also Martin Wilfinger a former student from the faculty of Architecture from the TU Darmstadt and now also part of the research team and docent of the Civil Engineering department of the TU. Martin has a lot of experience building with cardboard from recent projects and was a great help for the students of the summerschool - unfortunately he already had to leave today. Martin has to support his own students back in Germany who have their finals in a week.

I already miss him but his help and ideas will be materialised a bit in the students projects the next days. About the houses ... one will perform against fire, one against water and one against a falling down tree ...and yes all made out of cardboard and paper ...

Enough for today, I still have a slice of pizza leftover...