The projects and the whole course that exists since more than 15 years within the faculty is well known nationally but also internationally. We are proud and also pleased that we are often asked to write about our works and the projects. 

This request shows us that we are doing a good job, but more important we can stimulate building innovations on a small level that might rise to a product level.

On this site we would like to publish and announce articles and public events that are published or organized, therefore it is also like an press archive, if you would like to write about our projects, feel free to ask. 

- April 2018
seems we haven't updated our publications list for a while ...

but here a new recent publication in the German Glasswelt 04/2018 

- October 2013

The bucky lab had its own booth during the Bouwmaterialien en Innovatie Symposium in Delft.

- August  2013

We had a nice article about some bucky lab projects within the german magazine glaswelt

- June 2013

a nice article about our cooperation with Heco Schrauben and Festool in the dutch houtblad

- February 2013

Hettich placed a nice article in their magazine about our mobile workshop that was supported with their brand new ArciTech line of drawers.

On the cover of the B-Nieuws and a full page article inside. The magazine will be available online also

We were invited from CENO TEC to present the SCOLP Dome on the Bouwbeurs in Utrecht.

The bucky lab projects are shown in the Science Centre of the TU Delft. The first time you actually have to pay for looking at it ...

- January 2013

in the news of the TU Delft

- the finals Exhibition in the Orange hall of the faculty

De Architect published a nice article about the bucky lab romazo projects. Have a look here


 - December 2012

Our mobile workshop made its way into the hettich magazine, a company newspaper from our sponsor for the mobile workshop

- November 2012

A nice article about the bucky lab in the Glasstec / Glass Technology live proceedings, which was published for the german glasstec trade fair, we already posted the pictures of our exhibition.

- November 2012

Our Dr. Bucky Lab makes his safety first Leonardo move in the aE Journal from the chair of Architectural Engineering.

- October 2012

a nice interview about the bucky lab and the Carmen Opera build, around minute 25 the interview starts:

- October 2012

The B-News of the TU Delft wrote again about our activities, this time the Carmen opera building
Full article here

- October 2012

in the magazine of the dutch metal branche "Metaal & Techniek" No 10 a nice article is published about the mini symposium we organized together with ROMAZO.

- October 2012

We have exhibited a poster collection on the glass technology live special exhibition space on the glasstec in Düsseldorf / germany. The glasstec is internationally one of the biggest trade fair in the glass and facade business. On the glass technology live stand, innovative concepts and products are presented, so we are very proud of receiving the invitation to be present there.

- 8th of October an interview with Marcel Bilow was published in the cobouw. 

have a look into this very nice article obout the 3 winning projects during the facade fair gevel 2012
it was published in the B News of the TU Delft.

- A nice collumn in the Cobouw from Martin Smit

- the 3 winning projects were published in the Romoer53 the magazine of the student association BOUT

- We had an article about the winning prototypes from the facade 2012 fair in Rotterdam in thegerman "glaswelt" magazine

The DAX magazine published a special issue for the gevel 2012 facade trade fair in Rotterdam, and put our projects also on the title cover

- march 2012

The finals exhibition in the orange hall of the faculty

- January 2012

the bucky lab contribution on the gevel 2012 student facade award bold and beautiful, 1st, 2nd and 3rd price !