How it works

Within the Production Technology course each student has to write a little report about a special subject that is not directly architectural related. These small analysis will sharpen their minds and allows to explore how things work.

The how it works reports are written as articles in the blog but you can also find them listed here.

UMBRELLA by Maysam Foolady, Summer 2012
FLETCHER CAPSTAN TABLE by Ahmed Abbas Momin, Summer 2012
MAGLEV TRAIN by Erald Varaku, Summer 2012
CNC by Javier Zaratiegui Fernandez, Summer 2012
SERVO MOTORS by Alan Le, Summer 2012
GLIDERS by Aman Habtemariam, Summer 2012
WIND TURBINE by Cedrique Steenkamer, Summer 2012
ESCALATORS by Dave Letink, Summer 2012
INDUCTION MOTOR by Bouke Bosch Winter 2012
WANKEL ENGINE by Bram Teeuwen, Winter 2012
SEWING MACHINE by Daan van Leeuwen, Winter 2012
CONDUCTIVE THREAD by Davoud Sultani, Summer 2013
CUTTING FABRIC by Lotte Baerends, Summer 2013