On this site we will place and publish helpful links for getting materials, products, instructions or things we like and think you will also do if you like to make things. Of course this list has a personal flavour, but what we recommend is mostly tested by ourself. And we always follow the saying: "I dont have the money to buy things twice", so quality first but we have to admit it also comes with a price...Use the comment field to add your favorite shop or website, we will have a look and place it on the list. On the main site you will already find some links of our sponsors here there will be additional ones. And of course this site will never be complete...but still growing...
Modulor the best material shop in the world...we assume...based in Berlin germany. If you are ever in Berlin, this is a must! You will get everything from paper, plastics, textiles, wood, glues, paint and tools. Started as a modelbuilding shop for architects modulor becomes the place for all kind of art and craftmansship. They ship worldwide and their website is packed with information about the stuff they sell.
Conrad the big online shop for everything around electronics and components, get yourself a copy of their catalogue its very handy to see what they offer, sometimes you dont know the name, so the picture will help. The webiste is available in different languages.
Poly Service the dutch supplier for everything around mould making and composites like glassfibre and carbon fibre.
R & G another huge supplier for all sorts of composites and mould making. website available in different languages, download their handbook, its like the bible of composites, we worked with them together several times, they know how to.
Extreme textiles the shop to get all the things you need if you want to make something out of textiles, they not only sell goretex mebranes but also a huge variety of fasternes, cords, and all the small parts you need.
Upcyclist a blog about wonderful projects and design made out of unwanted material, recycling and resuse of materials.
openMaterials smart materials for DIY, so basically the most informative site out there for the bucky lab enthusiasts.
materia, the dutch material database with a huge variety of materials, visit also their showroom in Amsterdam.
Van Doorn Naiimaschinen in Rotterdam, your one stop shop all about sewing, handcrafts like knitting and Co. We buy our sewing machines there, the service is very good and they know their stuff. They have a webshop, but you should have a look in the store they also offer a wide assortiment of rivets, fasteners, velcro tapes, zippers and co.
Schröder Textiles in Rotterdam, a textile shop stuffed to the roof with a huge varieties of fabrics of all kind, they also offer a wide assortiment of rivets, fasteners, velcro zippers and Co.
Rubber and Plastic, next to the online shops there is a special shop in Den Haag that serves all kind of rubbers and plastics. If your are searching for technical plastics, thats the shop to stop by.
Magnetladen, the german expert in magnets of all kinds, I was there by my own and I assume if they dont have it it does not exist. Some of them come with a warning, thats how strong they are.
DePaddestoel a shop specialized in kites and everything that flys. You are able to get technical fabrics, tapes, cords, carbon and glassfibre rods next to a huge array of materials and products hard to find.They run a real shop in Schiedam next to Rotterdam, but also have a webshop.
Bart en Francis a very special online shop for the special crafter, these two belgian experts sells yarns and threads of all kind, known in the world of spinners, weavers and hobbyist as the place to have a look that seems to be impossible to get. They also have some very special materials in stock.
Zeilmakerij Koopman, an online store for everything around sails, boat assecories and tools needed within these field.
Skiffy, the online store that has everything small ....from gears to plugs...have a look. 
If you are looking for a cheap tool, have a look here HBM machines also have a huge shop in Waddinxveen, its worth looking around if you like the kid in a candy store experience.

Dictum the place to get the best tools for woodworking and all sorts of craftsmanship. This is the side for tool lovers. Order there cataloque if you want to see japanese tools and some of the most special tools out there. They also have the rarest wood sorts and materials on stock, like shark skin and animal horn.
halfichshy a nice tool and woodworking related podcast including a lot of tools. Paul Marcel the host of the podcast uses a lot of the tools we have also in our bucky lab, so have a look and learn how to use them.
woodwhisperer a woodworking blog and video podcast, great to watch how things are made and his safety infos are real good.
woodgears a nice blog with lots of videos of how to make cheap and handy tools by yourself.
mechanix the dutch shop to get one of the best work gloves.
snickers workwear one of the best thought through workwear, looks cool and wears comfortable. Here the dutch online shop.
Laserbeest, the place all around lasercutting, for the cardboard projects of 2012 Laserbeest the Delft shop supported the buckylab, its a good shop, that works fast and makes good prices.
Meier en Blessing, is in fact a big toy and model shop in Rotterdam, They serve all different kind of materials to build models, but they are also one of the few shops that serves Proxxon tools, next to that they also have
a good set of small handtools to build models.
Quartel is a shop for radio controlled models, next to complete kits they also offer a huge amount of building materials of all kinds, they serve profiles, tubes, rods, metal and wood plates as also plastic of all parts. You are also able to get Servos and motors from them. There is a shop in Pijnacker, just a few kilometers from the TU.

instructables a great scource of DIY projects, if you ever wonder how to make things that are not available or impossible have a look, they also offer great books and instructions for free.
make magazine a fantastic scource for everything you can make, next to their amazing MAKE magazine which is the one to have if you are into making things they also started the whole maker movement in the US and are hosting the maker faire and the maker camp.
tested the home of Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage the hosts from mythbusters. On this website they publish videos and content about their interests and show how to make things, of course mythbusters is also a great scource of how to make things, but here its like looking behind the scenes.
tips from the topfloor the oldest and most recognized photo podcast out there. Chris Marquardt tells you everything about photography. With more than 550 episodes you are able to gain very much information about photography. If you are able to understand german his second podcast about photography happyshooting in german language with Boris Nienke will be your best scource of information. Most of the pictures from our blog are done by ourself, and most of the knowledge how to make better pictures are from these two podcasts.
Pepakura, a program that unfolds 3D objects into flat papers that can be then glued together, search also for the word itself.
Kobakant , How to get what you want, thats their motto and if you want to make wearables and textile based electronics thats the place to start.
Adafruit, the New York based online store for the electronic geek. Limor Fried the pioneer of hacking electronics not only sells a huge variety of electronic components and things hard to get, but she and her company loves to teach how electronics work, you will find tons of information on how to make things.  a great source for any kind of paper folding templates
Don't tell me cardboard or paper is not the best prototyping material - have a look here

Theo Jansen´s Standbeasts an amazing artitst based in Den Haag Ypenburg who builds huge living creatures out of electrics tubing.
Studio Roosegaarde is a dutch artist that is worldwide known for its amazing sculptures and projects using smart materials. Next to this Daan Rosegaarde is a nice guy and also very busy of showing his projects so there is a lot to see online. a blog about all things related to textiles