the team

On this side we would like to introduce the team of professors and docents of the bucky lab. Without them the whole course would not be able and it is the broad mixture of scientific fields that makes the bucky lab so special.

So here they are:  

ANDREW BORGART (1966) studies architectural design at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam from 1985 to 1988. From 1988 onwards, he studies architecture and civil engineering at Delft University of Technology, completing his studies in 1997. Since then he has been working as an assistant professor of Structural Mechanics at the Faculty of Architecture of Delft University of Technology, and also teaches at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. He teaches several courses in structural mechanics and special structures as part of several Master’s degree programs for Building Technology, Architectural Engineering and Building Engineering.

Borgart conducts research in the field of structural morphology of complex geometric structures, and specifically for his PhD research into the relationship between form and force of shell and membrane structures. He is chairman of Working Group 15 on Structural Morphology (SMG) of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS). He is also member of the editorial committee of the Journal of the IASS.

Andrew Borgart runs the structural mechanics course within the bucky lab.  

born in 1991 (Haarlem, Holland). In the end of 2012 I finished my bachelors (Architecture) in Delft. Autumn 2012 I started my masters in Architectural Engineering (aE). Choosing the BuckyLab I didn't know what to expect, but time told me this is the most exciting course I did so far. The integration of design, product development and 1:1 scale modeling is something unique. Actually from the point on I finished the BuckyLab I got rolled into the lab again as a student assistant.

Working with the power tools in the mobile workshop wasn't strange to me, I was in front of the electrical crosscut saw as a 2 years old kid already (switched off unfortunately...). During my life, my father learned me how to use tools with great enthusiasm and thats why I still have my love for tools. Since we bought the first Festool power tool a lot of them followed. And I have to admit, a lot of jobs would have not succeed without them... I earn my money working as an all-round builder. Home renovations from building services to carpenter jobs, but also the gardening.

As a student assistent I'm responsible for the issues backstage. During the 'building weeks intro' (generally halfway the track) the design is on me. As we try to teach students how to work with the tools in our workshop its important to have a completely worked out design. Its always a challenge to build with people who have little to none experience working with professional power tools. Nevertheless, giving some useful tips and tricks using the different tool-systems it always works. Experience is one aspect, the other is understanding how things work. The second one is most important for the BuckyLab I think.

We are proud of our former student assistants, so here is the start of the cronicle :

JOHAN BORGAART studies Architectural Engineering at the TU Delft. He is our student assistant.

As an experienced carpenter, drafts man and project manager he is a vivid support for the course and often the man behing the scene, taking care of roostering, timeplanning and everything beyond regular.

If we dont see him, everything is running smooth. For the building weeks Johan is always on site to provide the students with his skills and help.

His hobbys are sportsclimbing, outdoor sports, travel, culture and music. 

MARCEL BILOW also known as Dr. Bucky Lab.
Marcel studied Architecture in Germany / Detmold and next to his job as project leader in Research and Development in the chair of Ulrich Knaack / Building construction building prototypes with his students, he also planned his own faculty buildings together with a team of professionals and students. Marcel first became a bricklayer, to get the knowledge from the base, before entering the world of architecture. As a son of a plumber he got involved in tools and building techniques from the early ages on, and got his first toolcase with the age of 4. Next to his job as assistant professor in the TU Delft within the chairs of Product Development of Mick Eekhout, and Architectural Engineering from Thijs Asselbergs he also runs the international facade consulting office imagine envelope bv. 

When he is not making things he races radio controlled cars, sails and is kayaking through the "wild" streams of the Netherlands, did we mentioned that he is also blogging and taking pictures of everything that is not able to run away from him ....some call him a Maker, he will tell you he just collects skills to pass on !

more to come ...