Within the bucky lab we develop building constrcution and facade construction related prototypes.
On this page we would like to show an overview of projects that we made during the last semsters, more informations will be published in the blogs main site as articles.

So have a look here and search for the projects on the blog. 

WINTER SEMESTER 2023/2024 - Play with COA and ONE 

The goal this semester is to design, detail and build something COA can use within most of their asylum centres. Their facilities are often demounted and moved to a new location. Also COA has a sustainability vision in which circularity and sustainability (both technical and social) plays an important role.

This assignment, ONE will provide an overall construction in which you are expected to design modules to tackle one specific activity. ONE will provide their framework and technical specifications the first week of the semester.

Examples of a module could be an outside space where AMV’s can make a private phone call, or smoke, or have a moment to themselves out of the rain. It could also be a space where they can fix their bikes, or where they can meet up and chill.




 SUMMER SEMSTER 2023 -Secure meeting Room COA 

 This semester we joined forces with COA ( Centraal Orgaan Asielzoekers) the dutch Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers. 

COA runs Asylum seeker centers in the entire country and faces many different challenges, while sustainability and circularity are the most suitable tasks we can tackle with our students. Running the summer course, we have 21 highly motivated architect students who want to contribute to the project - and the project isn’t easy…

This year we redesign the secure meeting room, which is often also called “the bad news room”. While Asylum seekers wait in a center to get the final verdict of acceptance or denial, the news are shared in a secure meeting room. The room is designed to keep both parties save, due to the fact that with a negative result the atmosphere may change and therefore extra security is needed.

WINTER SEMESTER 2022 / 2023 
CUS Convertible Urban Sunshades 

This semester we asked them to find new solutions for urban shadings. We have all seen a rise in temperatures during the summer, with the cities becoming even hotter. If you are out for a walk, you can
usually sit under an umbrella for a cold drink, but when you are not a paying customer, you are not very welcome to rest in the shade. So the problem is clear: How can we shade our cities during the day
and, at the same time, stimulate cooling during the night by exposing the streets to the colder nighttime
air? Meaning shading that is closed during the daytime and open during the night. Have a look around – do you like these ideas? Which one is your favorite?

We see two exceptions in landscape format, this is due to the requirements of the botanical gardens exhibitions, usually our standard format is portrait orientation ! 

We need more green, best would be green that doesn't take any that helps to increase the biodiversity but does not costs extra ...
sounds difficult but if you look for the topic of bioreciptivity you will find a lot about surfaces that are grown over by algues, mosses and all kind of green species ...
So what usually demands a high pressure cleaner is now the subject to our new course. 

Weird Shades - this semester we looked for sunshades to shade irregular shaped facades - so all the concepts will show solutions where the good old normal sunshade will not be applicable 

Redesign the Icon - this semester we looked iconic buildings and thought about redesigning in a circular way. 

Photovoltaics in facades - this semester we collaborated with TU Delfts PVMD group, our expert all about PV and our students were challenged to think about integrating PV into our building envelope. 

With 12 groups and a total of 64 students the semester offered a wide array of ideas. We have seen glass in lead, tracking devices to increase the yield, solar cells that are placed to mimic brickwork up to shelters that help workers on their building side to become more sustainable ... and if that's not diverse enough guess what we also had one team going to mars and another one that dealt with the storage of energy instead of placing these magic blue pieces of glass towards the sun ...

circular concepts with Ecor

As an entire online course due to Covid19 we have run this 10 weeks Architecure design studio entirely online. The assignment asked the students to contribute concepts for Ecors CEMEC a design center that will allow guests to get their hands on the innovative circular materials Ecor is developing from fibrous waste streams.

Terrace shading in cooperation with CRH
This semester we teamed up with CRH one of the international leaders in building materials. Within their huge range of materials and products CRH also owns a couple of companies producing shadings in all kinds of variations. Sunstock to name just one helped us together with the Dutch group of CRH to define this semesters assignment – a solution for a typical Dutch row house terrace shading.

While the common solutions have problems in harsh wind conditions or limit the use while it rains we challenged the students to find alternative solutions for this special kind of clients – the common Dutch row house owner.

Being asked to think out of the box we can see a huge variety of concepts that address different problems, all suited to be placed in the garden of the house.

The set isn't complete, but we hope to get all 18 posters soon 

SUMMERSEMESTER 2017 soon available

WINTERSEMESTER 2016 soon available

SUMMERSEMESTER 2016 soon available

Silence Please
This semester we were asked to work with the acoustics of large spaces in our faculty. We started with a collective workspace space at the Department of Urbanism, which is used by the chair of Landscape architecture and the chair of Environmental Technology & Design. Due to its size, the acoustical comfort in this space is not ideal. To allow all users of the room to work comfortably, a general “Quiet Zone” for this office was established. So the often heard – Silence Please – formed the title of this semesters assignment and we designed acoustic panels to improve the space. The shown prototypes are designed to be used as a room dividers, a combined sunshade acoustical panel and a few are designed to be hung from the ceiling.

Control the Sun

will be published soon...first have to find them ...

Wild and Bold
Within this semester we developed new solutions to build on the dutch coasts in cooperation with Rijkswaterstaat ( RWS) and we did also put our hands on cardboard shelters with Jerzy Latka.
At the end of the semester we were able to exhibit our coast projects during the festival Oerol
have a look here  and not to forget we also build our mobile light laboratory the Lightvan.

Daylight in Cooperation with NSVV

more to come ...hopefully

Beyond Borders - sunshades in cooperation with ROMAZO.

Within these semester we did a project about sunshades and fabrics, supported by Romazo the students developed 9 prototypes.

Within these semster we we developed sunshades in cooperation with Romazo and some cardboard domes.
We will give more infos about the individual projects as articles on the blog later. We are still waiting for some posters.


In this semester we build the mobile workshop and some smaller prototypes - will follow 


Based on the mechanical principle of the good old Etch A Sketch toy this innovative solution will allow to adjust the transparent area within a window element. The whole window is filled with a translucent fluid to reduce the amount of sunlight passing through and a small box that fits perfectly within the space of the glas will create a total transparent area to allow a unhindered view to the outside. Imagined and build from Sam Zhang and Rik Rozendaal.

Like the blossoms in the morning these facade flowers will also open during the rise of the sun to protect the buildings facade. These concept is developed from Alex Bolarakis and Anne Cowan.

Our students Georgia Fradelou and Tom Bouwhuis from the TU Delft had a simple solution a PV panel that is mounted on a rig always adjusting itself to gain the maximum efficiency towards the sun. the power the system needs to track the sun is storedn in a small battery, the most of its energy is feed into the system. If you like you can also control the panels remotely to control them as a sunscreen if placed in front of your facade.
And the best thing, everything sticks to a flat surface just by suction caps and it may also learn how to walk …

The idea is simple : Wind powered blades will power LED lights, So a self supporting media facade powered by the wind is possible. The students Eleni Sgouropoulou and Fong Qui, supported by Marcel Bilow tested a huge variety of possibilites to achieve a modular element that is self supporting and can be sized up to the demands. The proof of concept already shows its potential, hoewer the system has a little bit too much resistance caused by the very strong magnets, but the bigger the elements will be the easier it will be also driven by the wind. A fantastic concepts and also a beautiful prototype.

PARTICLE SUNSHADING 3rd price bold and beautiful award 2012 Rotterdam
The concept is imagined by Marius Otte and Christopher Koster.The particle shading facade is a multifunctional facade which combines the fairness of a wave shaped pattern with a particle sun-shading
technique, whereby the density of the air will be used to create a solar filter to protect the interior of the building. In addition to that, LED lighting together with the smoke gives the possibility to change the appearance of the facade and the ability of company branding.

Daniel Smidt and Han Zhang developed a Facade Pixel Priter, controlled by an Arduino Board this printer is able to calculate pixel imagines from any kind of image sources or text lines. The input will be translated into a pixel picture written with small suction cups on a rotating foil. Beside the information that can be displayed on the screen it also allows to reduce the amount of light that passes through this facade element. Due to its clever design the pixel will fall down at the end, will be collected and are ready to be used again.

STRETCHING SUNSCREEN 2nd price bold and beautiful award 2012 Rotterdam
The stretching sun screen is an innovative sunscreen able to adjust the amount of light that passes trough. Normally a sunscreen is not so much flexible, but this one is it at its most. The performance and transparency can be dialed in just by adding more or less tension. This concept is made by Arash Khoshnevis and Jos Noordzij with supervision of Marcel Bilow during the 2011 Semester of the Bucky Lab 2011.
We would like to special thank the following companies for their material support and cooperation for the final design:
De Groot en Visser, Windowframe
Somfy NL, Tubemotors
Verosol NL, Sunscreen-motortubes