Friday, September 29, 2023

Bucky Lab - COA - Secure meeting room update

 While we are short after the the elevator pitch of the BT semester we have to report some news from the last semester. Our concepts for the secure meeting room are creating attention up to European level in the organizations of refugees - actually Nadia talks with a couple of parties to implement the concepts. 

Next to these great news we got invited from the COA to exhibit the concepts in the headquarter of COA in Den Hague in the ministry tower. 

Passing all the needed safety precautions Nadia with the help of a couple of volunteers form this semesters students set up a nice little exhibition,  while Marcel made sure the Lightvan was safe. 

 Here some pictures of our little adventure and the exhibition.  

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Bucky Lab Elevator Pitch - COA

 After 4 weeks of hard work we come together to have our elevator pitch. 

Joined by guest from COA and also 3 Amv ers together with their supervisors from COA joined our session. Next to these experts we also welcome Craig Martin our colleague and specially interested in the social technology integration. 

 While our students were faced by questions from the audience our collaboration partner ONE had send in a couple of feedback via email. 

So all in all a good set of comments, questions and feedback led the students to a good and efficient group finding session. With groups of 3-4 we are now ready to start the engineering phase. 

Have a look - here the best pictures of the day ...

next days more about the concepts we have seen 

Friday, September 8, 2023

Bucky Lab Day 2 - lecture from ONE

 This years partners ONE and COA working hand in hand. To create the space for the young refugee teenagers we asked ONE to design a structure that form the backbone of our different infills. So after lunch both Michael Vrijhof as also Niels Hofstee from ONE presented their work they haven been able to build around the world, shared their philosophy and introduced their structure we will work with this year. 

Have a look, how would you fill this structure with functions?