Monday, January 17, 2022


while I run around, help the students and take a picture every now and then I spotted Eva with an old analogue camera ... a couple of days later she handed over a nice gift ...a real photography developed on paper, holding in your hands is still special ...

so the circle is round - thanks Eva 

Building Weeks Day 3

 everyone busy - our stack of plywood shrinks while looking at it and on the tables of the 13 teams more and more of the outlines of their prototypes is visible ...

kinda magic, and all part of the game. Our new colleague Georges is getting used to it while he might be the one who is the most curious about the different concepts - being the master of the workshop and helping the students is sometimes a real challenge if you haven't seen the ideas grow within the studio. 

Up to now everything fine - lets cross fingers we are still allowed to continue - here a couple of pictures of today 


Friday, January 14, 2022

Building weeks Day 2

 After an introduction of the tools and the workshop we finally start to build. From Zwartra we got a last minute change of locations for a lovely heated storage hall... otherwise we would have been busy in an unheated industrial heritage ...sort of ..

Did I mention that Nadia made cake ? - Yes, house shaped cake ! 

so here we go, everyone excited, and honestly we are as the students ! 

Friday, December 10, 2021

Weird Shades - first models

The last weeks we spent a lot time to test and experiment with the various concepts. 

So short before we start the building weeks here a couple of pictures of the models the students already made in the studio. 

Next week we will set up the mobile workshop and will start building the final prototypes. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Weird Shades - Elevator Pitch

 Here we go again ! With reduced restrictions it feels almost like back then ... 

So after our students - 55 in total - are busy since 4 weeks we had our elevator pitch today. 

The topic this year is Weird shades - sunshades for irregular shaped facades and windows. So this will be the semester that will develop the sunshades that every other company out there is not willing to develop, afraid of or even unable to think of ...

lets see, but as usual we start with presenting all the ideas in a row and ask the students themselves to pick the best to be further developed. 

Which one did you like the most to cover a weird shaped building ?