Thursday, February 15, 2024

Group of 2024

 At the very end of the Photoshooting its always a group picture, so here the class of 2024 - first time in the Berlage ...

Ja we know we are running late, life it too exciting and busy right now, so stay tuned we will share the projects soon...and in a year 3 weeks delay is within the tolerances ...

Monday, February 5, 2024

Bucky Lab - Photoshooting

 Here we go ! ok a bit late but who would have thought the year starts that busy ... ok I am already drifting off topic ... 

Before we can finally present the projects we made this year we have to take a couple of good pictures of the great models and prototypes the students made. 

Usually we set up our mobile workshop in the orange Hall but over the years it appeared that people complained - having an endless stream of beautiful models, prototypes and well dressed students in front of an energetic photographer is way too distracting for many who passed by - not able to continue their work i the office again ( rumors state that the productivity on these days went down 37% ) ...

So to not harm these people and the faculties productivity anymore we moved to the Berlage Zaal, our beloved space for symposiums, meetings and events. I will miss the warm glow of the orange hall that radiates subconsciously from every picture, but we will try to do our very best to gain that positive vibe. 

 So in total we took 1736 pictures - stay tunes for the best of them ! 

 Here already a couple of Behind the Scenes pictures 



Friday, December 22, 2023

Seasonal greetings 2023

 The year ends, this was a wild one ... 

Lots has happened, we lost good friends, got to know new ones, worked hard and had a lot of fun. 

Thanks to a great year to all the students who keep us motivated, to our sponsors and friends without our not so regular educational program would have been impossible. 

As a little gift we got a Manga remake from Minh Nguyen of the legendary picture Marc den Heier shot in the 012 hall the home of the Bucky Lab years ago ...zoom in an discover all the little details 

Thursday, December 21, 2023

Day 9 - scars of victory

 Day 9 - while the lightvan is driving circles in Delft and the warehouse gets empty we look back at these great buildng weeks ...

whats left are a few more scars in our tables ... filled with good memories 

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Day 8 - Building weeks - Borrel

 Day 8 -last one building ... we stopped at 14.00 and started to clean up... being a good role model our Dr. Bucky Lab started our Borrel at 17.00 with a beer and veggy Hotdogs ...

Almost all models and prototypes are finished or just need a few more tweaks. So good reasons to celebrate the end of the building weeks. 

Our guests from festool, shaper, the wood working forum and ONE were impressed about the quality of the projects. 

Here a few impressions of the day and a couple of groups with their results. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Day 7 - highly concentrated

 Day 7 - tomorrow we already stop at 14.00 and start cleaning ... but today the concentration level was at its peak. Wherever you look you see students with small parts, finishing their models and prototypes. 

Tomorrow we will show the teams and their creations !