Thursday, June 30, 2022

Bioreciptivity - Poster

 The semester is done, after just 10 intense weeks we have developed 5 really nice projects that might become the future of our build environment - at least if you also think that your world has to be greener and we accept surfaces that will be grown over by nature. 

Have a look at the posters. Stay tuned more to come 

Monday, June 13, 2022

Bucky Lab Expo gevel 2022

 While Corona forced us to do  things differently we also had to cancel things entirely ... so the national facade trade fair in Utrecht ... but this year only with a 5 month of a delay we were able to join the biggest event in facade business of the Netherlands. 

Having no trade fair at all we stored the last two semesters to be exhibited ( already a challenge in our faculty where space is an issue ) 

...but we managed to exhibit the weird shades from last winter and also the redesigned icons from the last summer semester. So 18 prototypes in general from BT students and Architecture students. 

With the help of a bunch of students in Delft and Utrecht we were able to move and set up the exhibition to Utrecht. Thanks to the students and also to Siebe Bakker from the Betonhuis to  help out with the truck. 

Here some pictures of the set up and the exhibition 

group forming after the elevator pitch

 During the elevator pitch each student presents their concept in a 1 minute 1 slide presentation.  Afterwards we ask questions to form a feedback that helps to pick the right projects that will be further developed. 

thanks to Max who did take the pictures, Dr. Bucky Lab was down with covid ...

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Elevator pitch

 After we have finished our prototyping phase we had our elevator pitch. Each student presented their best idea and afterwards had to choose which concepts had the best potential to be further developed. 

Have a look at the ideas presented, which one do you think has the potential to  be further developed ? 

I am as curious as you - sitting home and recovering from Covid ...

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Building Weeks - Day 7 - Currywurst

 Day 7  and we have already finished our research weeks - and while the dust still has to settle we were able to follow our tradition and had a BBQ ... the first one after 2 years or 3 semesters ... so we also invited the former students to join. 

Marcel brought his Currywurst cutter - a machine dedicated to cut Currywurst and it seemed everyone liked it ... ( still looking for a good vega currywurst !) 

Deya already started the day at 6 am to put the fruits on her cheese cake, which made it several times on instagram as its looks - was delicious by the way 

tired but happy - your Dr. Bucky Lab