Thursday, November 17, 2022

Bucky Lab - Architecture Summer 2023

 Dear all, 

unfortunately I did not got an invitation to present next years Bucky Lab Design Studio's topic...

… they forgot to invite me, therefore there was also no presentation, but here a few points on the most fun course next year … 

We will contribute to a stage for a musical - I will meet the director soon, but we are asked to contribute a design that suits their overall concept - have to figure out how to make it and then also build it. 

he already send the following : 

Imagine a Garden of Eden 2.0.
A hybrid paradise where nature and technology merged.
A place where we can re-start history, but now with the help of technological
solutions and interfaces.
What creatures, attributes, objects, machines and 'plants' can you imagine there?
How would animals, robots, Adam and Eve look like?
Trees, apples, snakes, fountains?
what utopian or dystopian solutions does technology have to offer to guilt, shame, hope, hate, pride
and - god forbid- even Love?

Its a bucky lab course, the full circle : design, engineer and built - in this case even more challenging because its bigger, for a real event and with a bigger budget … 

Hope that answered your questions, if you like the bucky lab course, wanna design and build - that’s your course never heard about the Bucky Lab ...

we are doing this since 12 years and are known worldwide have a look to our latest publication also

if you have more questions - please let me know. 

Marcel Bilow - aka Dr. Bucky Lab 

Monday, October 10, 2022

CUS - Concepts Elevator Pitch

 and there are all the concepts in a row .... what's your favorite ?