Why do we have sponsors ?

The bucky lab is in first place an educational course in which we teach how to develop ideas from concept to a final prototype. The teachers are paid from the univesity of course, the students also have to pay for the study itself but these budgets does not include the materials and products we are using to build our prototypes. While our chair and therefore the system is able to claim a small budget for the prototypes we always need something special, its often that these products are hard to get, or out of  budget.

Having a good relation to the industry, we are often supported with some products from industrial partners who are pleased to support the next generation of architects which will finally become also the decision maker from the future. Due to our many publications, lectures and well prepared final results, we are able to publish these concepts, and of course spread the word about these sponsorships.

Beside the hardware we get, we are also supported with knowlegde from these partners. Our students are able to ask, how things are made, if their idea will be a marketable product and get many insights we are sometimes not able to offer within the education. Having these partners as guests expands our horizont.

We are very grateful and proud to have these sponsors. Especially for the development of our new mobile workshop we also got tools and hardware to build our workshop, which will be used for the future.

Have a look into the many articles on the main page to get an idea in which ways these partners have supported us, and click also into their logo on the right side, their are not only supporting the bucky lab but also the very best in their field.

If you like to support the bucky lab with materials, products or even knowledge contact us, there is always a way to make the best out of it and of course we will keep a place for your logo free on our mobile workshop.