Hmm..a whishlist, why the hell do we have a wishlist ? Its not that we really need these things very urgently but within the bucky lab we do things differently and someones trash is the otherones treasure.

So the list contains things we might could use to experiment, analyse, beeing inspired from, to build with or even make new tools or projects out of it.

So this is a request to all of you out there, having a look into your garage, the attic or your grandpas shed, maybe you find something we could need to bring our projects and ideas a step forward.

Its not about the things you can buy directly brandnew, or sometimes its not worth the investment at all, but having it to work with would be a helpful thing to have.

So if you would like to contribute to our work and have something we may need contact us. We will place your generosity on the blog and will spread the word.

So here is the wishlist:

- the old school plactic bag sealer, that welds and cut plastic bags filled with fruits or veggies to being deepfrozen, the newer ones mostly have a two wire principle.

- plastic boxes, to store all the things we collect

- old unusable camera stuff, our students like to work with apertures

- overhead projector and the old ones that allows to project even whole bookpages to the wall.

- electric pot, for dying and temper materials