Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Our mobile workshop will be outfitted with the brand new drawer system ARCITECH from Hettich. The system will be launched on June 11th and we will get this future proof system for our workshop.
We are very proud to be the first who will use this new line of drawers, that will allow to have a loading capacity of 80kg in each drawer with silk smooth running action. What we have seen so far, the system is not only very versatile but also fast to assmemble and easy to change for future adjustments. With this system we are really future proof.
We will post some action fotos when we start building the boxes in June.


mobility becomes an important issue for the new bucky lab. Beeing able to work on different locations is also a challenge. Up to now we had planned to use big plywood tables on workhorses…yes you are right not very mobile…
We found the perfect solution: The WALKO workbench. Thats the perfect solution for our mobile workshop. This outstanding working bench is very versatile and flexible in use, beside the function as a workbench this system is also perfectly suited as a mobile cutting center with our mobile circlesaw.
WALKO will support us for this semesters building weeks with a set of their workbenches and the inventor Bart Groot himself will show us how to use it to its maximum.
And of course this system is on top of our wishlist.
More infos about this dutch invention on:

Friday, May 25, 2012


If you like the bucky lab and proud of beeing part of it, get yourself a shirt of this summerseason.
Go to our shop you will also find more things to show your passion ....


Tuesday, May 22, 2012


We had a very good meeting with Hettich and a part of our students who prepared the detailing for the mobile workshop pushed Aard Wassink our dutch hettich expert to the limit. It makes us proud if our students are able to ask questions in such a detailed level that even the experts has to ask their backup ...At the end it seems that they have found the only mistake within the CAD database out of the million parts hettich is offering. Aard was impressed how much they worked and how precise everything was set up, not to forget how well they found their way through the "bible", hettichs huge print cataloque..,

The problem was solved quickly, all parts will fit and we will get the best mobile workshop, fully equipped with drawers and components from Hettich. 80 kg of tools in one drawer ? no problem ! Even a child will be able to open it...

There might be also some fantastic news, but we are not allowed to talk about it right now ...but lets pray!

Up to now thanks again to hettich for their generous support and to our students Dave, Sisko and Ron who worked very hard to set up the whole planning.

For more infos click on the hettich logo on the right side!


The students of the bucky lab started with a little research about mobile workshops, we already mentioned F1 workshops, but as usual the students surprized us again…with a very - lets say “dutch” version - of a mobile workshop in this case human powered…at the end we decides to build flightcases, but we still think we should try to cut a bike in half and attach it …

Sunday, May 13, 2012


And here a small video


We had a good session with the bucky lab students with Hettich today and got a proper insight of hettich products. We will write more about it later, but we couldnt wait to show you this hinges…which will be assembled toolless, not only the assembly is stunning fast, but you can also seperate them without any remaining parts, thats what we call sustainable and even better its not called the “super sustainable hinge”, we love it - constructions that are better in use and quality and also reduce the environmental impact…and not yelling it out loud in first place.


What is a workshop without all the small parts like nuts and bolts? Yes you are right : nothing ! How do you keep them ? In these handy small boxes or drawers, beeing mobile requires even a better system to get all the small fasternes and screws organized. We are very happy that we have could win RAACO as a partner of the
new mobile bucky lab workshop, RAACO will sponsor us with a full set of their IF Award winning BOXXSER Cases, that allows us to keep all the small parts organized neatly while we are on the way.
While the lid is made out of durable Polycarbonat and the bottom part out of polypropylene we can be sure everything stays where it belongs. We got a proper intro about the products from RAACO and are able to see
what will fit into our mobile workshop boxes the most. Thank you very much RAACO !I know from experience that these boxes will last long…

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Our students worked very hard to develop the new mobile bucky lab workshop, we got a huge list of sponsors as you already noticed and now with the design of the exterior of our case the boxes really looks like we are attempting a rally. Nice thats what it has to be…an adventure.
you will notice that we still have some space left…so feel free to contact us if you like to sponsor our team.

Monday, May 7, 2012


When we started to develop and design the new mobile workshop for the bucky lab, the students directly started thinking for other possibilities that have to fit into the boxes than just the tools…musik was their first idea. That seems to be next to coffie a very nessesary demand. They are right !
But it would not the bucky lab approach, if we just put a radio in one of our cases….
Now we are very proud and happy that Busch Jaeger a ABB group is sponsoring the bucky lab with some sets of their iDock´s. Busch Jaeger well known in germany and the netherlands for its wide range of switches, power contacts, wall sockets and all the things you have to have in your house to get the power out of it or control your light, they also provide audio systems that will fit within their series of products. Internationally their products will be available via ABB.
We will use their Busch-iDock set that normally will serve an iPhone / iPod placed next to a radio unit and a small speaker directly mounted into the wall to fit in our boxes. The speaker is small, but we have to admit: very loud !
Thats definitely a device that will be recommended for every house, its small, intergrated into the wall and easy to use. Brilliant idea and while listening to the musik or the integrated radio, your player will also be charged!
Oh and for all the ones having not a device with an fruit logo…there is also a 3.5mm contact to hook up all the other players around.

We cant wait to integrate these into our boxes and have to thank Busch Jaeger / ABB for their support.


Solarlux the marketleader for folding and sliding windows and well known manufacturer for wintergardens will sponsor the bucky lab with a set of power tools from Festool.
Like the innovative solutions Solarlux is offering we will try to keep up within the course and develop innovative solutions also, having these nice tools it will become easier to build our prototypes in the future.
Have a look on their website by clicking into the picture. You will also find Solarlux in the Netherlands under: and for the US market:

For this moment we have to thank Solarlux for their supporting sponsorship !