Monday, May 7, 2012


When we started to develop and design the new mobile workshop for the bucky lab, the students directly started thinking for other possibilities that have to fit into the boxes than just the tools…musik was their first idea. That seems to be next to coffie a very nessesary demand. They are right !
But it would not the bucky lab approach, if we just put a radio in one of our cases….
Now we are very proud and happy that Busch Jaeger a ABB group is sponsoring the bucky lab with some sets of their iDock´s. Busch Jaeger well known in germany and the netherlands for its wide range of switches, power contacts, wall sockets and all the things you have to have in your house to get the power out of it or control your light, they also provide audio systems that will fit within their series of products. Internationally their products will be available via ABB.
We will use their Busch-iDock set that normally will serve an iPhone / iPod placed next to a radio unit and a small speaker directly mounted into the wall to fit in our boxes. The speaker is small, but we have to admit: very loud !
Thats definitely a device that will be recommended for every house, its small, intergrated into the wall and easy to use. Brilliant idea and while listening to the musik or the integrated radio, your player will also be charged!
Oh and for all the ones having not a device with an fruit logo…there is also a 3.5mm contact to hook up all the other players around.

We cant wait to integrate these into our boxes and have to thank Busch Jaeger / ABB for their support.