Tuesday, May 22, 2012


We had a very good meeting with Hettich and a part of our students who prepared the detailing for the mobile workshop pushed Aard Wassink our dutch hettich expert to the limit. It makes us proud if our students are able to ask questions in such a detailed level that even the experts has to ask their backup ...At the end it seems that they have found the only mistake within the CAD database out of the million parts hettich is offering. Aard was impressed how much they worked and how precise everything was set up, not to forget how well they found their way through the "bible", hettichs huge print cataloque..,

The problem was solved quickly, all parts will fit and we will get the best mobile workshop, fully equipped with drawers and components from Hettich. 80 kg of tools in one drawer ? no problem ! Even a child will be able to open it...

There might be also some fantastic news, but we are not allowed to talk about it right now ...but lets pray!

Up to now thanks again to hettich for their generous support and to our students Dave, Sisko and Ron who worked very hard to set up the whole planning.

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