Sunday, May 13, 2012


What is a workshop without all the small parts like nuts and bolts? Yes you are right : nothing ! How do you keep them ? In these handy small boxes or drawers, beeing mobile requires even a better system to get all the small fasternes and screws organized. We are very happy that we have could win RAACO as a partner of the
new mobile bucky lab workshop, RAACO will sponsor us with a full set of their IF Award winning BOXXSER Cases, that allows us to keep all the small parts organized neatly while we are on the way.
While the lid is made out of durable Polycarbonat and the bottom part out of polypropylene we can be sure everything stays where it belongs. We got a proper intro about the products from RAACO and are able to see
what will fit into our mobile workshop boxes the most. Thank you very much RAACO !I know from experience that these boxes will last long…