Friday, June 29, 2012




Today was the final presentation of the bucky lab semster. All student worked very hard to finish their concepts. We will write about these concepts later, but we have to show some pictures of the very first use of Box No 5 serving the presenter and laptop for the presentations, even the mobile office version works very well.




ready for the holidays, you deserve it ! Thank you very much !

Wednesday, June 27, 2012



the last journey of the new mobile bucky lab, we will roll out the boxes for a group picture and some detail fotos and then it will wait for the next actions for the new semester....


Tuesday, June 26, 2012


International Plywood BV the dutch importeur for plywood supported the bucky lab with a decent discount and helped us also to choose the right material for our mobile workshop. On their website they posted a nice text about our activities. Have a look on their website

Friday, June 22, 2012



one of the final tests: Will it fit in the elevator ...of course it fits !



A little bit later than usual ( fighting the hangover ..)  we met for the last time in front of our tent that became our home for the last two weeks. While a few continued to apply the stickers ... the others started to clean up and prepared the last missing parts.

We finally used our selfmade FMT XXL table for cutting the last handle openings in the fronts for the drawers, worked perfectly and we all wondered how many clamps you have to use to keep the front itself, the routing jig and the sacrifacial plate underneath tight in position...what shall we say as much as needed...

While the clean up we also found all the missing parts we searched for the last days...Our apologies to hettich, Mark you were totally right, the missing adapters were delivered of course, but who had thought to found them behing the sugar in the coffee box ?

We had a nice BBQ for lunch sitting in front of the tent while the sun peaked around for a short time. We will definitely will use the BBQ more often the next time. Having german "Bratwurst" yesterday, the dutch burgers were also a welcome snack.

 Due to the time pressure, we made a short group picture and carried the boxes in the basement. An official one will be taken in front o the faculty next friday when we have the finals for the bucky lab semester. We are very curious how the facade concepts the students developed will look like.

Also pictures from the finished boxes will follow later the next weeks, so stay tuned, we will keep on blogging for the future. We also have good news but this also later...

We would like to thank all the sponsors for their great contributions and support, without you, this project would have not been possible.

Special thanks to the students and their endless effort, this was after 15 years of the bucky lab seminars the most challenging and biggest project up to now. Building a mobile workshop and creating the home for the following semesters is a very unique situation and we are really gratefull and happy to accomplish this within the tight timeschedule and budget.

Beside the tears, blood and sweat, you should always remember you have created the background of every foto taken in the future from the building weeks. While the facade prototypes will have their moments of fame, the workshop will last.

While writing this blog article, the tent is already broken down. Leaving it totally empty and quietly this day was quite a sentimental moment ...We will miss the smell of freshly cutted plywood and the sound of the tools ...


this is box no 4 unfortunately in time lapse mode...did someone take a video in normal mode ? If so please contact us !


Thursday, June 21, 2012






here a video of the first box we unveiled today.



We did it ...all 5 boxes are ready, ok some stickers has to be applied, some last parts has to be finished and here a piece and there, yes we are always aiming for 110 %  , but in general we really did it.

Today on the longest day of the year we had a party to celebrate the completion of the boxes, next to the students who really earned this also the sponsors were invited and were able to see what we have accomplished within the 9 days. Everyone was really astonished about the details and quality of the mobile workshop and getting compliments from the professionals was the icing on the cake.

The bouwpub from the TU Delft rolled out their mobile bar ...and served freshly tapped beer. Marcel served german sausages on his stainless steel handcrafted barbecue what the germans called "Grill", so everyone was able to taste a good old "Bratwurst". Even after a heavy rain started, the bar was rolled into the tent and the grill under the back door of the car and nobody really complained.

Hettich brought some nice gifts, a bottle opener in the shape of one of their hinges, seeing the bucky lab logo on the small card next to it makes us even more proud.

And today we also found out that the Walko workbench also works perfectly as a beer table.

 We are very happy amd proud about the results and had a great day. Tomorrow we will really finish the last pieces and will take some nice pictures and movies. 


We milled a huge plywood plate from plywood international to be used as a multifunctional worktable like the MFT we have from festool. Now we are also able to use the handy clamps and dogs we made also by ourself on the lathe on the big worktables.

The sound was the background of nearly the whole day...but thanks to Nicolas special laser cutted jig it worked perfectly and very accurate.



better late than never ... today we processed our to Do list with the last bits and pieces. the funny thing is that we managed today things we should have made at the beginning of the building weeks buying a broom ...

Ewout and Lorain directly made a nice cleaning station to have a fixed place for it, nice to have at least one place were everyone knows how to find something...we cant wait till the workshop is ready and fully equipped. It is quite time consuming to search everyday for the missing tools if you dont have a place for it like in a normal workshop, sometimes it feels like camping with tools  ..."have you seen the router ?, yes next to the bugspray !

We planned to outfit two of the tables with a 96mm holegrid like the Festool MFT table to use the clamps from festool and some selfmade dogs to fix parts for machining, today we finally were able to mill one table with the 20 mm holes using Nicolas special laser cutted jig, worked perfectly and the table looks pretty cool. But to be honest using the Walko system that is outfitted with the same holes it was not really needed the last days.

While some were painting and sanding thousand of corners and edges to give the boxes a smooth finish the others were busy to install the Busch Jäger Idocs that finally work in the boxes right now, was kind a funny to walk around and listening to different channels on the radio...

We also started to apply the sponsor logos and sticker for the boxes, but we totally underestimated the time we need for that. Honestly we did know that one box has 4 sides and that we had to apply 23m² of stickers in total but that it takes so long...? 2 1/2 boxes are ready and already shining in the night short before the security kicked us out of the campus ...and yes we will change the hettich logo with the coloured stripes later...funny sidenotice: our lovely coloured lampions thast are hanging above out tent went off when the sun sets...and we learned that the dutch have a second "coffetime" its around 8 pm after dinner which oftens end with a schnaps...

Thats a perfect word for the end, we will have a Schnaps tomorrow ...hope to see you all ! 17.00.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Today, we started with a promising weather forecast which finally becomes our sunniest day till now. All boxes are now visible and nearly finished. We have still a lot of things to do on our list, so today everyone was doing this and that to help finishing the mobile workshop.


One of the longlasting jobs to do was the measurement of all the screws and labeling the Raaco Boxxers, having a lot of extra boxes it was easy to make the best use of the boxes, now perfectly labeled we are even able to identify the right ones by looking through the transparent lid.


While some build a ramp to make the travel inside the building easier with the boxes,


others mounted the butterfly latches


and others enjoyed the sunny weather outside the tent to assemble the last wheelplates.


We cutted the front covers for the hettich drawers and also started to add the Busch Jäger Idocks, very cool looking and also with a secret trick...we will show later.

The Walko workbench turned today into a milling center and was constantly used for the smaller jobs in their vertical position against the wall.

Tomorrow we will have all boxes ready and will prepare the interior to meet all the tools, which will take a while. A sink has to be added, power sockets installed, a little bit of paint added and so on....We also have to start applying the stickers for the party on thursday, so its seems to be a long day tomorrow.


Monday, June 18, 2012



Our students love the pneumatic pop riveting guns we got from Onkenhout for the two weeks. First letting them set a few blind rivets by hand make them smile much more showing them the advanced tool later... of course we have to set over 2000 rivets. In this short video Dave and Linda showed how the manual and the pneumatic action differs. Thanks to Onkenhout for helping us so much with the tools and of course for the pop rivets that we got from them.

Did you know that pop rivets are officially named blind rivets, the german company pop made them for the first time and become the market leader and eventually set the brand name for this sort of rivets.

So while every pop rivet is a blind rivet, not every blind rivet is actually from POP !



We started with a little bit 101 to explain, which bit fits into which screw, unfortunately the rain was so heavy that our tent transformed into a 100 m² basedrum, so taking a video was impossible but we may find the time to do that later.


Today we prepared all the wheels that will be attached to the different sized boxes.


Our Hettich drawer assemble team Dave and Ron received a technical drawing from Mark Bomer from Hettich over the weekend for the last box, to know exacly how to mount the last drawers, top service thanks Mark ! So the last drawers were assembled in a blink of the eye.


Our drawers are equipped with a layer of L-Sim which is a composite plate material that look like carbon fibre but in silver, the material itself is made out of metalized glassfibres impregnated with expoxyresin, and it looks super cool in combination with the anthrazit colour of the hettich Arcitech drawers. We needed something to thicken the bottom plates a little bit, normally you dont build drawers out of multiplex or betonplex , so the cool looking plate material was a perfect fit and adds a bucky lab technical look.


The first Busch Jäger IDoc were already assembled the last days and cheers us up with some musik, today we planned the location and prepared the boxes to get their own hifi, radio Iphone adaptable sound system, so cool to connect your iPhone or Ipod to our mobile workshop, Thanks to Busch Jäger and ABB.



The tent turns more and more into a casebuilder factory, limiting the available workspace but also safisfied us all to see all the parts coming together.



We took some time to get a few more boxes ready and made a few finishing touches and at the end the proud crew rolled out the boxes at 7pm so another 12 hour work shift ...thanks for your outstanding effort.


Having a few cases already rolling : fantastic, seeing the proud faces of our students: priceless.


Friday, June 15, 2012



This short video shows how easy it is to assemble the recently introduced Arcitech drawer system from hettich. Dave and Ron had a lot of fun and satisfaction while assembling it...and yes Ron there is a reason why we have several bits in our powerdrill box...Haha, so next week drill bit 101!

Lets have a look, maybe we are able to assemble a drawer under 1 minute !




We thougt beeing early every morning, but our Expert from Hettich Nederland Mark Bomer surprized us by sending the first email already at 6.50: "Hi I am standing in front of a white tent, is this right I got your stuff by the way...yes it is "uaghh"... fantastic, make your self comfortable and you will find the coffemachine at the end of the tent ... we will be there in a ...few minutes!", honestly after the shower and breakfast...


Mark send a late email already the day before that there might be a problem and the drawers wont be ready ...but he will check this at the distribution center before sunrise tomorrow.


When Linda and Marcel arrived Mark already tranformed the tent into a Hettich trainings- and assembling-center. He put all the different parts and a lot of tools and jings to make the assembly easier on the tables and was very enthousiastic about this new experience of work invironment.


After a good introduction about the history of Hettich, their product range and the just this monday introduced Architech drawers, he showed how easy it is to assemble the new drawers.


While the team finished the last boxes to be ready for the assembly, Mark prepared already the first boards to meet the Arcitech system.


With the help of hettichs jigs and assempling templates, putting together the drawes was way easier than ever imagined, it already looks easy on the video we saw before on YouTube about this amazing new drawers, but that even the students were able to assemble them so easy was quite unexpected.


We also learned that friday is "patat" day, which means eating warm for lunch and order a good old dutch frikandel special and some chips, which is called "patat" in dutch.


The students were so enthusiastic about the assembling of the Hettich systems that they didnt stop working till they had finished at least 2 of the 3 boxes that will be outfitted with the drawers. At the end the last 5 brave ones were left and cherished their huge success, Also box No 1 was so far ready that we were able to put the tools inside and rolled them out of the tent for the very first time.

Onkenhout lent us two POP rivet guns for the building weeks and it turned out to be one of the most beloved assembling processes to "shoot" some POP rivets into the boxes ...


Our RAACO Boxxer boxes are a perfect assortiment container, beeing able to choose from a variety of different sized boxes is so handy and the fact that you are able to take the insert boxes out of the case directly to your workplace is priceless! Thanks you so much RAACO !

What a day and the perfect end for the first week of the building week. Almost every box is already visible, some are already on wheels and we are looking forward the next week to fine tune, polish and fix all the boxes.


Thank you very much to Hettich itself, Mark Bomer and Aard Wassink to support us in this way, and we truely have to commit that the new Hettich Arcitech is the most advanced drawer system in the world, beeing able to get them also as the worlds first makes us even more proud and grateful.