Saturday, June 2, 2012


How do you fight against the rumors that the bucky lab is closed ...? Well, we had to close our former workshop because we only need it for about 4 weeks per year, but these news spread around very fast, so at the end the students were asking themself if the whole course is closed now ...This is of course not true, well lets say the opposite is happening, now the bucky lab becomes mobile and opens a total new way of thinking.

Within this semester we will build the new mobile workshop and to adress this we decided to start a campaign within the TU Delft and also give the students a new face of the course.

Well we have to say it worked out right now, having 63 students subcribed for the new semester, which is able to handle 45 students. So making yourself a fool sometimes pay off...and if we are able to adress the ones who still struggle to join the course, now you know at least who to ask.