Friday, June 22, 2012


A little bit later than usual ( fighting the hangover ..)  we met for the last time in front of our tent that became our home for the last two weeks. While a few continued to apply the stickers ... the others started to clean up and prepared the last missing parts.

We finally used our selfmade FMT XXL table for cutting the last handle openings in the fronts for the drawers, worked perfectly and we all wondered how many clamps you have to use to keep the front itself, the routing jig and the sacrifacial plate underneath tight in position...what shall we say as much as needed...

While the clean up we also found all the missing parts we searched for the last days...Our apologies to hettich, Mark you were totally right, the missing adapters were delivered of course, but who had thought to found them behing the sugar in the coffee box ?

We had a nice BBQ for lunch sitting in front of the tent while the sun peaked around for a short time. We will definitely will use the BBQ more often the next time. Having german "Bratwurst" yesterday, the dutch burgers were also a welcome snack.

 Due to the time pressure, we made a short group picture and carried the boxes in the basement. An official one will be taken in front o the faculty next friday when we have the finals for the bucky lab semester. We are very curious how the facade concepts the students developed will look like.

Also pictures from the finished boxes will follow later the next weeks, so stay tuned, we will keep on blogging for the future. We also have good news but this also later...

We would like to thank all the sponsors for their great contributions and support, without you, this project would have not been possible.

Special thanks to the students and their endless effort, this was after 15 years of the bucky lab seminars the most challenging and biggest project up to now. Building a mobile workshop and creating the home for the following semesters is a very unique situation and we are really gratefull and happy to accomplish this within the tight timeschedule and budget.

Beside the tears, blood and sweat, you should always remember you have created the background of every foto taken in the future from the building weeks. While the facade prototypes will have their moments of fame, the workshop will last.

While writing this blog article, the tent is already broken down. Leaving it totally empty and quietly this day was quite a sentimental moment ...We will miss the smell of freshly cutted plywood and the sound of the tools ...