Tuesday, June 12, 2012


On day two, we reorganized the tent to create workstations for every different task, te biggest task was cutting all the plywood plates for the boxes, drill all the aluminium profiles and prepare all the jigs that will help us to build the boxes with ease. All students started in small groups and get used to another day at work.

Today it looked already professional, the students got all the tricks and skills to handle the wide range of machines. So the trainingfrom yesterday was a huge success! When we first saw the Walko workbench we knew that we have to use this system in the bucky lab, now working already two days with the system we have to say its a perfect combination with our festool machines.

The students already fall in love with the machines and how easy and precise it is to work with. Having the coffee machine ready and working is so comfortable to work in the tent so nobody is missing the 20 minute run to get coffe for the others.

Ahmed our phd student from the chair design of construction joined the students to give them a hand and get some practical experinence had his birthday today, so the cake at 3pm was a very welcome break.

The team also build a storage place for the aluminium profiles. We were very surprized how much you are able to set up a tent to become a professional workshop.

If everything works as smooth as today we will have the first box ready tomorrow, so lets cross fingers. From our side we have to say its so much fun to see the students grow with their tasks and their happiness, its worth every minute we spend the last 8 months to prepare this action.