Wednesday, June 13, 2012


What a day, Germany vs Netherland ....Dr. Bucky Lab himself wears orange today ....but more important we got all parts cutted and started with the assembly.

Ron our first man on the saw was quite exhausted after ripping more than 200 parts up to the last millimeter, but with the help of Kelly, Sisko and Maysam that played like a team it was like a cutting factory.

While the others waited in standby mode Linda and Dave figured out the last details of how to place the dominos and what would be the best way of cutting the aluminium profiles. At the end of the day we have to call Linda the queen of aluminium, when she gets in action on the Kapex, the saw sings a different melody.

Ewout, Loran, Erald, Ahmed Abbas, Javier,Jayadeep and Abbas started the pop concert after the assembly of the first lid of box 1, they had drilled for two days all the aluminium profiles and couldnt wait to get started. At the end, up to six machines were simultanious on the box in action.

We showed them how to place blind rivets first manually and they were quite frustrated that this has to be done more than 2000 times...when we showed them the pneumatic Pop rivet tools we got from Onkenhout, the dutch importeur for Pop Rivets they were totally reliefed and started smiling again, If technology and tools can make people happy we assume its a good invention !

Next to the good progress we made also our first coffee mug from the bucky lab fanshop arrived. A perfect
combination with the coffeemachine from Douwe Egberts and a lovely cappucino.

At the end of the day our planned public viewing in the tent was cancelled, the most decided to watch the game after a long shower...