Thursday, June 14, 2012


Dont miss an opportunity ...this morning a lifting platform arrived and we did some unusual group pictures that shows our building location and the mobile workshop from a different angle ...

The Walko workbenches changed their function every hour, beeing a saw center in the morning, an assembling station before lunch and a Domino tennon table with a second system at the end of the day..."Marcel, we should have more Walkos, they are so handy ..." Yes I know ! its on the list, damn getting four sets for the two weeks and already addicted, Many thanks to Bart Groot the inventor of the Walko System for his support. 

The assembly of the flightcases was running in full speed and all of the teams increased their skills. Due to a good preparation the work was running fast and having a session tomorrow with hettich to assemble the new Arcitech drawer systems, we had to hurry a little bit to have at least a few boxes ready for the drawers to be inserted.

The Kapex was singing all day long and most of the profiles were ready to meet their final destination on one of the boxes. Linda Hildebrand our special guest for the building weeks totally fall in love with the festool Kapex mitre saw and was able to perform the most accurate cuts, so no question who will cut the rest ...Linda is a phd researcher in the chair design of construction and a member of the facade research group and almost loves tools as Dr. Bucky Lab Marcel Bilow himself.

The most enthusiastic ones stayed two hours longer to finish their tasks and at the end of a longday we already rolled out the first tools inside a totally complete box ( we were so pleased, we directly forgot to take a picture...)

We are looking for tomorrow when hettich arrives to help assemble the drawers ...if everything will work according to plan we will have a place for the tools by tomorow and can stop carry them around in a shopping car.