Friday, June 15, 2012



We thougt beeing early every morning, but our Expert from Hettich Nederland Mark Bomer surprized us by sending the first email already at 6.50: "Hi I am standing in front of a white tent, is this right I got your stuff by the way...yes it is "uaghh"... fantastic, make your self comfortable and you will find the coffemachine at the end of the tent ... we will be there in a ...few minutes!", honestly after the shower and breakfast...


Mark send a late email already the day before that there might be a problem and the drawers wont be ready ...but he will check this at the distribution center before sunrise tomorrow.


When Linda and Marcel arrived Mark already tranformed the tent into a Hettich trainings- and assembling-center. He put all the different parts and a lot of tools and jings to make the assembly easier on the tables and was very enthousiastic about this new experience of work invironment.


After a good introduction about the history of Hettich, their product range and the just this monday introduced Architech drawers, he showed how easy it is to assemble the new drawers.


While the team finished the last boxes to be ready for the assembly, Mark prepared already the first boards to meet the Arcitech system.


With the help of hettichs jigs and assempling templates, putting together the drawes was way easier than ever imagined, it already looks easy on the video we saw before on YouTube about this amazing new drawers, but that even the students were able to assemble them so easy was quite unexpected.


We also learned that friday is "patat" day, which means eating warm for lunch and order a good old dutch frikandel special and some chips, which is called "patat" in dutch.


The students were so enthusiastic about the assembling of the Hettich systems that they didnt stop working till they had finished at least 2 of the 3 boxes that will be outfitted with the drawers. At the end the last 5 brave ones were left and cherished their huge success, Also box No 1 was so far ready that we were able to put the tools inside and rolled them out of the tent for the very first time.

Onkenhout lent us two POP rivet guns for the building weeks and it turned out to be one of the most beloved assembling processes to "shoot" some POP rivets into the boxes ...


Our RAACO Boxxer boxes are a perfect assortiment container, beeing able to choose from a variety of different sized boxes is so handy and the fact that you are able to take the insert boxes out of the case directly to your workplace is priceless! Thanks you so much RAACO !

What a day and the perfect end for the first week of the building week. Almost every box is already visible, some are already on wheels and we are looking forward the next week to fine tune, polish and fix all the boxes.


Thank you very much to Hettich itself, Mark Bomer and Aard Wassink to support us in this way, and we truely have to commit that the new Hettich Arcitech is the most advanced drawer system in the world, beeing able to get them also as the worlds first makes us even more proud and grateful.