Monday, June 18, 2012


We started with a little bit 101 to explain, which bit fits into which screw, unfortunately the rain was so heavy that our tent transformed into a 100 m² basedrum, so taking a video was impossible but we may find the time to do that later.


Today we prepared all the wheels that will be attached to the different sized boxes.


Our Hettich drawer assemble team Dave and Ron received a technical drawing from Mark Bomer from Hettich over the weekend for the last box, to know exacly how to mount the last drawers, top service thanks Mark ! So the last drawers were assembled in a blink of the eye.


Our drawers are equipped with a layer of L-Sim which is a composite plate material that look like carbon fibre but in silver, the material itself is made out of metalized glassfibres impregnated with expoxyresin, and it looks super cool in combination with the anthrazit colour of the hettich Arcitech drawers. We needed something to thicken the bottom plates a little bit, normally you dont build drawers out of multiplex or betonplex , so the cool looking plate material was a perfect fit and adds a bucky lab technical look.


The first Busch Jäger IDoc were already assembled the last days and cheers us up with some musik, today we planned the location and prepared the boxes to get their own hifi, radio Iphone adaptable sound system, so cool to connect your iPhone or Ipod to our mobile workshop, Thanks to Busch Jäger and ABB.



The tent turns more and more into a casebuilder factory, limiting the available workspace but also safisfied us all to see all the parts coming together.



We took some time to get a few more boxes ready and made a few finishing touches and at the end the proud crew rolled out the boxes at 7pm so another 12 hour work shift ...thanks for your outstanding effort.


Having a few cases already rolling : fantastic, seeing the proud faces of our students: priceless.