Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Today, we started with a promising weather forecast which finally becomes our sunniest day till now. All boxes are now visible and nearly finished. We have still a lot of things to do on our list, so today everyone was doing this and that to help finishing the mobile workshop.


One of the longlasting jobs to do was the measurement of all the screws and labeling the Raaco Boxxers, having a lot of extra boxes it was easy to make the best use of the boxes, now perfectly labeled we are even able to identify the right ones by looking through the transparent lid.


While some build a ramp to make the travel inside the building easier with the boxes,


others mounted the butterfly latches


and others enjoyed the sunny weather outside the tent to assemble the last wheelplates.


We cutted the front covers for the hettich drawers and also started to add the Busch J├Ąger Idocks, very cool looking and also with a secret trick...we will show later.

The Walko workbench turned today into a milling center and was constantly used for the smaller jobs in their vertical position against the wall.

Tomorrow we will have all boxes ready and will prepare the interior to meet all the tools, which will take a while. A sink has to be added, power sockets installed, a little bit of paint added and so on....We also have to start applying the stickers for the party on thursday, so its seems to be a long day tomorrow.