Thursday, June 21, 2012


better late than never ... today we processed our to Do list with the last bits and pieces. the funny thing is that we managed today things we should have made at the beginning of the building weeks buying a broom ...

Ewout and Lorain directly made a nice cleaning station to have a fixed place for it, nice to have at least one place were everyone knows how to find something...we cant wait till the workshop is ready and fully equipped. It is quite time consuming to search everyday for the missing tools if you dont have a place for it like in a normal workshop, sometimes it feels like camping with tools  ..."have you seen the router ?, yes next to the bugspray !

We planned to outfit two of the tables with a 96mm holegrid like the Festool MFT table to use the clamps from festool and some selfmade dogs to fix parts for machining, today we finally were able to mill one table with the 20 mm holes using Nicolas special laser cutted jig, worked perfectly and the table looks pretty cool. But to be honest using the Walko system that is outfitted with the same holes it was not really needed the last days.

While some were painting and sanding thousand of corners and edges to give the boxes a smooth finish the others were busy to install the Busch J├Ąger Idocs that finally work in the boxes right now, was kind a funny to walk around and listening to different channels on the radio...

We also started to apply the sponsor logos and sticker for the boxes, but we totally underestimated the time we need for that. Honestly we did know that one box has 4 sides and that we had to apply 23m² of stickers in total but that it takes so long...? 2 1/2 boxes are ready and already shining in the night short before the security kicked us out of the campus ...and yes we will change the hettich logo with the coloured stripes later...funny sidenotice: our lovely coloured lampions thast are hanging above out tent went off when the sun sets...and we learned that the dutch have a second "coffetime" its around 8 pm after dinner which oftens end with a schnaps...

Thats a perfect word for the end, we will have a Schnaps tomorrow ...hope to see you all ! 17.00.

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