Monday, June 11, 2012


Today the first day of the bucky lab building weeks started, the weather was mixed but our tent was nearly perfect set up. Its quite a hassle if you are building a workshop and dont have a place to store all the tools, but this will change over the coming days. In the morning the team from Festool and Mr. Walko himself arrived and we started with a proper instruction of the tools and systems we are using. Divided in 3 groups we used the morning to give safety instructions and showed how to work with the tools.

After a short lunch break the students could not wait to get their hands on the tools and on the smile of their faces you can see that they really liked to work with them.

The assignment was a small stool that included most of the tools we will work with for the next days.

The day was running fast and everyone was tired but happy at the end of the day. The tent concept worked very well so we are also pleased that the whole concept of building outside of the faculty paid off right now.

We are looking forward for tomorrow to start the preparation for the flight case build.

We have to thank Frans and Hans from Festool and Bart from Walko for their great effort to teach the students some tricks and how to work, this was a perfect start for the next two weeks.

And by the way...the coffee machine works now !