Friday, September 14, 2012


Today we had another excursion with the bucky lab. The student organisation of the building construction track of the TU Delft BOUT organized a nice trip to the facade cladding experts of SORBA which is located close to the german boarder in Winterswijk. The commercial director Eric Hogeboom was welcoming the students and invited for a lunch. After a short break he started with an interesting lecture about the projects Sorba did in te last years including a lot of well known architectural builings like the ING headquater in Amsterdam or the central station in Arnheim.

Followed about a more deeper insight look of the planning of the central station platform roof and a look inside their detailed 3D planning we had the opportunity to visit their production halls.

It was very interesting for the students to have a close look onto their MockUp hall in which a lot of MockUps from the presentation were showed and the could be inspected more in detail.

Next to the symposium last week which was more product based this was a welcome exhibition into a company that is mainly busy with creating custom made claddings for non standard buildings.

Thanks to SORBA and BOUT for having us and organising a very interesting day.